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  1. So ive been having issues running the game as of late and i think it may be do to the newer updates for instances prior to the recent updates i had solid frames even in kavala however now its much different i struggle to even hold 35fps in rural areas i thought maybe at first it was due to 64bit and 32bit stuff so i swapped them and nothing changed so i dont know what to do if anyone has any suggestion id like to hear them because in this current state i dont know if i can keep playing. P.S: This only happens on asylum
  2. A true man uses these babies https://hdsupplysolutions.com/shop/p/disposable-headphones-p672511?cid=ppc_all_bi_pfd_Shop|HDSS|US|HighTier&ckw=__0&msclkid=e92053fa44561d7351a608ebd96ca8c5&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shop|HDSS|US|HighTier&utm_term=4584894770315510&utm_content=HVAC
  3. The game is honestly probably not gonna do well and i say that because just as others have claimed. They really dont seem to have proper priories plus you cant really have a game that souley relays on other players.
  4. My main complaint about this is it would be just to tedious and what would you do for guys way out in the middle of say red-zones or just in the desert i sure as hell know i am not waiting to be picked up then driven across the map
  5. Lmao how did you wreck bro learn to fly dawg no way you getting comp for that
  6. I agree i mean you are legit talking about taking these peoples way of life away and if you need a enforcement kinda deal you are always there and what i mean is just record with like shadow play or something but i get where you coming from.
  7. So I was drug trafficking the other day to make some cash and kinda realized something unlike most of the drug based ways of making money. Drug trafficking in fact did not have any perks besides the two at the very bottom which are basically useless TBH. So personally i think there should be ones that maybe extend the time or shorten the time but for more money etc.... These are all just ideas however i really think drug trafficking needs talents or something along that nature. P.S- When you spawn the plane it is always on Yellow Hull @Jigawatt
  8. It seems good an all but i dont understand how you could possibly get enough funding to get a game like this on such a competitive market and up to the proper specs.
  9. So whats up guys i have been gone for almost a year due to computer issues and what not but i was wondering are the servers dyeing because i saw one get shut down and the pop drop also i hope someone remembers me. ~Cheeto
  10. Hey guys i just wanted to say im back and to the people who used to spam my topic posts please due so now.
  11. I left the asylum community for about 4 months and i have come back too see that the avg on the servers has now been cut in half and in turn i was wondering weather or not it is worth returning with such few players on at least on server 3
  12. Cheeto= Patrick Swayze Aids=Girl/Demi Moore (MY EDITOR WAS NOT WORKING ON THIS VID FOR SOME REASON) @Sheriff Rick Grimes @El chapo
  13. Thanks man i asked cus im leaving for like 1.5 weeks @Gnashes
  14. how long can someone leave before there houses auto go up for sale?
  15. Now as you all know there have been some fourm topics added like farwells etc. Who here thinks that under off topic there should be a poltical section i personally think it would be a great idea. @Olio
  16. @Haych start a vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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