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  1. Name: Pieter Arma Hours: 3300 Reason for wanting to join: want a group to fight cartels and frag people with Previous gangs: Instinct, Encore, Legacy, Rebel Department, (older gangs) outfits, insurgo, vangaurdians, the division Vouches: jaconite, william some other people probaly remember me, dont know if they would vouch for me today.
  2. look at that damage control lol.
  3. please tell me why you are calling me a cheater. Because u lost gang wars?
  4. Im banned for third party apps and i dont even know why. Probaly people just chatting around that im cheating like usual bcs thats the best excuse they can make about me.
  5. by killing 10+ other civilans without initiation still rdm m8
  6. saying allah akbar is no initiation lol
  7. Pieter

    Change log 7.5.3

    something is wrong with the dicounts we had 2 turf and arms and an mk18 costed 5k normally this was 2.7k something is wrong
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