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  1. Its not out yet the objects are just placed early.
  2. what do you mean that just happens randomly
  3. Another important demo related animation bug is that this also occurs at the evidence locker. Not sure if this was reported yet, but bounty hunter mx mags have inconsistent pricing. Tracer Sands are $200, but khaki mags & sand lethals are $50 dollars. Was like this in v1 as awell.
  4. <19:38:27> "[btcn] Batcan" dropped (connection lost) <21:19:13> "[btcn] Batcan" dropped (connection lost) <22:14:34> "[btcn] Batcan" dropped (connection lost) <22:40:00> "[btcn] Batcan" dropped (connection lost) something to say @Stratego ? its 2019 why are you ddossing people lol
  5. yeah that guy combat logged on me earlier after he lost a bank lmao kid must have raged
  6. That was my intention, the captains would still have authority but the day to day operations of swat recruitment etc would be controlled by swat "staff"
  7. @Boon is there a way to change the signature picture stats to pick what gets shown instead of money?
  8. Denied 3rd party evidence is not accepted for reports
  9. If it doesn't get removed, at least make it increase more with the increased player count
  10. Nothing like kidnapping everyone in kavala and letting the cash flow (cops included)
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