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  1. Lucien

    RIP Lorax

    he was a good friend of mine, ill miss him dearly
  2. Its very epic when chasing a car and when you go to drop on them that shit shows up on your screen in the middle of a fight
  3. I think cops won more often before we were allowed to spawn inside lmao
  4. Some bitch lost a 1000 day with me 400 is nothing
  5. Lost our snapchat streak, friendship gone
  6. Good for claiming vehicles as it forces the default skin onto it
  7. Used to be a thing should get it back
  8. You're right I'm never gonna get sgt. Definitely has nothing to do with the fact I'm not applying, no way.
  9. Makes suggestions but doesn't even know what you can buy at rebel very epic very epic
  10. Hahahah just rpg it down not like that is also a rare spawn that most people don't have
  11. Theres a difference between new gear and "Oh boy arms is contested let me go do a strafe run in my armed orca!"
  12. +1 just more ifrits claimed for the powerpuff girls
  13. Feds wont be the same without mr stonecolddriller
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