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  1. This montage was as bad of an idea as your back tattoo
  2. Probably better than Steve using 6 nades to kill one guy
  3. Can the jump script be changed to be a consistent height instead of gear dependent? It would be nice to reliably be able to jump over things such as police gates or on top of vans, especially considering swat is coming out and it would suck to lose your one loadout getting one tapped in the chest because you had to put your gear into the van to get onto the prison walls/into the fed. Not asking for some crazy high height, DPI jumping and shit like that is cancer. Just asking for a nice QOL change considering most other places have a consistent jump script.
  4. Is it because @Boon is adding my lethals leaderboard
  5. Lucien

    PC Help

    Make sure the psu is turned on
  6. Lucien

    Help PC

    ryzen is better bang for your buck
  7. I think the unknown kids were playing with xbox controllers
  8. Lucien

    Admins of ASY?

    Asylum version of Conquest pls
  9. More like have samp use his retirement gift on bag
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