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  1. Cory B... you suck at siege!
  2. Landon is perm banned on Olympus for RDM, VDM, Combat logging, and Racism. He breaks all these rules on a regular basis and has been banned on asylum multiple times. Olympus and Asylum should share the list of players they have perm banned. We end up just getting toxic players like Landon who just come to asylum because they got permed.
  3. Do you just go around and hate on everyones ideas?
  4. Please for the love of god disable the church bells (if you are able to). If you are not able to disable them, maybe turn them down or something. Trying to process cocaine and listen for enemies with your earplugs out is unbearable with the constant "Dongs" of the bell. This is also a issue in Rodo. I cant tell you how many times I have been killed because of the obnoxious bell. Whether is not being able to hear vehicles, or foot steps of enemy players. I often find my self putting my earplugs in so the unpleasant noise doesn't bug me, but this sometime will result in death because you cant he
  5. fuck the bitch, and then leave and never talk to her again
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