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  1. I see people losing to a group of career cops at their own game.
  2. Niels

    Changelog May

    Stop exploiting @B. Stevens
  3. Niels

    Changelog May

    Good patch boys
  4. I have a zaros shed and athira house i wanna trade for it
  5. This is the link to the Official guidebook. It is more in depth regarding policies. https://wiki.gaming-asylum.com/wiki/AFD_Dashboard
  6. I do not see a problem here
  7. Lately I have been running around reviving new players like the good medic I am, and I have noticed the amount of new players I have been reviving. It becomes a problem when the new players do not realise that it takes a good chunk out of their bank account, and they end up with 0 money and will just leave at that point. Mabye not charge them for the revive cost and maybe even not give the person who revived the guy any money?
  8. I think the housing problem lies with inactive people playing for 5 min a month to hold their houses
  9. I apoligize for the behavior of@Gfunk Havoc, we wont tolerate bullying in the AFD. We will get this sorted... again
  10. Dont expose his tactics, he is nothing without those
  11. Next time include a medic roleplay section
  12. Niels

    Supply and demand.

    Feel like no matter what it is, people are gonna hate on it. People don't like change
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