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  1. I thought that might be the case, but when i go to the editor, no problem. Go back online to drug runner 4, problem is back.
  2. hey, not sure when this happened but drug runner 4(at the salt flats) for some reason breaks my throttle input, tried keyboard and joystick(t16000m). after landing and loading my drugs/if thats where i start. Fly from any of the other locations fine but when i land and get out, after i reenter my throttles are unresponsive
  3. Lol no no, for some reason it never goes my way when I try it. I'm always the one ending up 6ft under
  4. Lol well I didn't get 500k by running up to people in red zones asking how their day is going
  5. Basically exactly what the title says, either the npc or something outside the rdming zone idc. Just something.(particularly at landing zone 1) I'd much rather take my BTT to another location then have to drive (I use the airplane cause I suck at flying the heli lol)
  6. Thanks, and your right I'm sure I don't have the perk
  7. Where u buy the plane at, the shops iv looked in didn't have it?
  8. Would like to be able to buy the plane used for drug running just to fly around, maybe if you use your own plane you are exempt from the 15k risk
  9. I did a heroin run yesterday near kavala, wasn't bad, gonna try the new meth lab rv soon
  10. @bamf I say great job. It's awesome to see how active and helpful you and the admins are on these servers. That's what makes it the best!
  11. Imo, the main problem with car storage is you can store it in one area, pull it out of another, and basically tranport your goods. If you could store your goods as long as you store and retrieve out of the same garage, I don't see a problem. And a use for this for example would be storing it at oil process in your vehicle while you make trips to the rig. Possible further expanding could include police being able to search your vehicle in the garage (with proper warrent) lol idk just thoughts
  12. I personally like the straight to jail aspect if they CL, even give them a longer then max sentence and no jury.(still possible to break out) Incorporate the sever rules into the game and punish players for not following. Reward the players that are doing it correctly. And maybe at least half the bounty for not getting full RP completed
  13. Server: 3 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: garage House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): any Location (Town/DP#): DP11 Asking Price: 50kobo Description: looking for a garage in Agios hmu ;P
  14. Haha yes research is a must, its annoying to have a bambi that asks everything already explained by either the forms or just the map
  15. Thanks for the welcome everybody
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