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  1. 76561198185010017 Love you mitch <3 Have a merry christmas
  2. I'm just memeing, but in all honesty people are absolutely retarded when using cheats. If you are going to cheat atleast try to be smart about it, you know?
  3. Holy shizzle Mcgrittle i know im a comedian!
  4. Why does nobody use cheats smartly? Ive been cheating on bohemia interactive games for YEARS!! Or so people tell me. Wanna know how i havent been caught? I use my BRAIN. I wake up at 0500 every morning and get on that grindstone! You gotta train good to be good. My cheats, my unfair advantages are my hard work! And dedication! Also despite my lack of brain cells, im still more intelligent than half of the population of BI games. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :right_facing_fist: :fire: :right_facing_fist: :fire: :trophy:
  5. @Scott Hey get back in your wheelchair, stop making fun of the handicapped.
  6. @MrGrav1ty You called me out for cheating and you got canned for it? Cool nerds dont cheat.
  7. Oh. Well its not like ive been on since i got probation, i cant get banned if i dont log in. >:)
  8. Yeah publicly shame them by telling us what they used! Great idea!
  9. I deserve a recount. https://imgur.com/a/74M8Zl2
  10. I agree meth shouldn't move and coke should stay on the other side of the map, but the other ones moving aren't as bad because people don't invest housing for those even if they only run heroin or weed.
  11. ^Hes just salty because we are playing without him.
  12. Do you have more than one? That's an immediate entry, we will rush you to AA HQ. Leadership shizzle right there.
  13. I wish, that's why we're rioting here man
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