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  1. You Mod Queued me, deleted my posts, and let your server run to shit without fixing the underlying problem. Your server (Yes, one now) is dead. Good monetary investment eh?
  2. What have I done to be mod qued other than post a legitimate thread that was taken down time and time again with no ownership of who was taking them down. I broke no rules and spoke no ill towards the server or community, yet here I am, censored. Pathetic
  3. Because you aren't letting me have free speech. This is just further censorship.
  4. Can't really have a conversation or give my insight when my responses need to be approved before someone sees them.
  5. Arma 3 still have a vibrate community, filling servers at all times of the day. Asylum population is on the decline....sooo who's fault is it?
  6. I think this is a solid idea. Also, I still have to be approved to post since I was censored.
  7. Hey, we all make mistakes, it's all good.
  8. But you said we BARELY blocked the gate and that isn't the case, also there isn't just ONE car. That car was their for the whole lock down and to say that is barely blocking is insane. You knew what you were doing, so just drop it.
  9. This is the gate at HQ during the scene. If this is barely blocking, you're high lol. @Drew http://prntscr.com/mqgf63
  10. I can see why you might have been upset, but from our standing point, multiple civs rammed the locked down HQ before the restart. Seeing as the HQ was locked down, we restrained anyone trying to force entry. My question to you is this: once you were released by the APD and then shot by your own friend, why come back? It seems to only cause a disturbance/troll. Also, regardless of how lightly you are running your car into a blocked and locked down HQ, why do it in the first place? It pretty apparent that you are not allowed to be there. You are acting as if you were just driving along peacefully and the HQ was just an inconvenience in your path but nope you drove there with clear intentions to cause a problem.
  11. The server was restarting in less that 30 seconds and he was constantly running into our cars to blow them up, so instead of charging him and giving him a ticket, I just let him have a little timeout. At restart, he would be unrestrained and free to go blow up other peoples cars.
  12. When Hunter and Spartan have no chill at the 1 Minute Mark
  13. I guess hooked on phonics didn't work for you cause that isn't good English, my dude. If I report people, they deserve it. Don't be salty if you fucked up and got banned kiddo.
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