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  1. They don't let him on there anymore ever since he tried to fuck a sheep named Greg. Made the local paper, so there's that
  2. In-Game Name: Jathansapus Age: 29 Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): http://prntscr.com/qgpp7k Any experience fighting? Plenty Vouches: Mong, Invictus, ChangLee Previous Gangs: BLS, Marauders How active will you be? Very
  3. I believe he answers it pretty accurately below
  4. - In-Game Name: Jathansapus - Timezone: CST - Age: 29 - ARMA 3 Hours (Screenshot)/Asylum experience: http://prntscr.com/qgaqwr - How long have you played on the Asylum servers? 4 yrs - Previous Gangs: BLS and Marauders - Why do you want to join Instinct?: Looking for a consistent gang that makes money, takes good fights, and is organised -Any members who can vouch for you, if so who: Mong, Floki, Invictus, Chang
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself
  6. So as many of you know, the launch of the Casino was kind of a cluster fuck. The Devs put the new money making system in Asylum without really understanding the impact or knowing the odds and how to actually play top level blackjack as well as the biggest element, TIME. I am here to bring that to light! A couple of reasons why you should now stay far away from the game: -The shuffled the deck every hand, not once the 4-6 decks are complete. This eliminates the "hot" window where the opportunity to capitalize on doubles or dealer bust is highest. -The win ratio has 100% CHANGED. The dealer consistently wins on 3rd card hands, such as "dealer shows a 6, so you assume its 16, you have 18, you stand, dealer has a 5 in the hole, hits a face card or any card to get higher than 19 every time. Its blatantly apparent to someone who has been gambling for a long time and won and lost 10s of thousands of dollars at a IRL casino. -Devs have the ability to change the chance or ratios without being transparent. This isn't gambling, it's calculated. -Finally, if there is a bug in the game that you arent aware of and you profit from it, they will take your winnings. Apparently the system double paid when you got a 21 on the third or fourth card on a double down. I did not notice this, as all I cared about was if I won or lost. I played a hand about once every 3 seconds, so no, I wasnt watching. All I knew was that if I win, its +100000, if I didn't it was -100000. What else should I expect??? Before the patch, I played Blackjack for 8 hrs straight. I won around 28 Million. I played perfect Blackjack. I lost millions but I could always ride the curve to get past and into the "hot" window again. This isn't possible anymore and the game is just a money sink now. Devs, before you implement a whole new system of money making into the game, might wanna consider all possibilites and have some testers try it out. Admins, big shoutout to you for having to clean up the mess they made. If you would like a lesson on how to help improve this game, please let me know! My final note is this. The Devs have added a system that requires no time. There is nothing to process, nothing to pick, nothing to sell. You sit in a safe room, hit a button, and profit (before the chance ratio changed). Of course it was gonna fuck the economy!?!?! If you can make 100K in 30 mins running a drug but others can make 300K in 1 min, there is a bigggggg problem with the economics. I have some ideas on how to fix this, which I have shared with admins, but I want to see the deck limit and win-loss ration fixed before then. Anyway, thats my rant, I hope you enjoy
  7. You Mod Queued me, deleted my posts, and let your server run to shit without fixing the underlying problem. Your server (Yes, one now) is dead. Good monetary investment eh?
  8. What have I done to be mod qued other than post a legitimate thread that was taken down time and time again with no ownership of who was taking them down. I broke no rules and spoke no ill towards the server or community, yet here I am, censored. Pathetic
  9. Because you aren't letting me have free speech. This is just further censorship.
  10. Can't really have a conversation or give my insight when my responses need to be approved before someone sees them.
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