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  1. Thanks alot man, its nice to hear some positive feedback, i appreciate it.
  2. fun fact, the sample is called caramel
  3. ok. thanks. I didnt want to be toxic to him as i wasnt sure how they were hard to follow, i thought my drums kinda slapped but ty btw, i forgot to answer your Q from other thread, my DAW is FL 12
  4. Okay, ill play some blackbird by paul mcartney for you
  5. I can actually play guitar, bass guitar, keyboard; but thank you baldy
  6. people are brutally honest, especially to someone who ruled the forums
  7. that vid made me giggle, and i did have a more simplistic kind of drum pattern, but it made the beat feel so robotic, but i may have fucked up and just went OOF on my keyboard making a new drum pattern
  8. Ah ok, i actually used Roices drum kit, i dont think the sounds are bad, i think i may have just used the wrong sounds, if that makes sense
  9. Was it the patterns u didnt like, or just the general sounds of them?
  10. i get you, thanks for the feedback mind if i ask why? not ur type of music or bad sounds?
  11. may i ask, what did u think was wrong with it
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