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  1. after some looking, i found out cydurban IS legit, but they sell you clothes from AliExpress, for more than double the price
  2. This man made a "how to ifrit push arms" NMD video guide and now thinks hes Saint Cartel
  3. eazy:(

    No lie.

    RIP, gone but never forgotten
  4. eazy:(


    Its funny because you think discography is a big word, can’t say i’m shocked. Was simply saying I don’t fw his music, tis all.
  5. eazy:(


    we have to bring it back to the good days somehow bro
  6. eazy:(


    My name is knifekrime due to the abhorrent knife crime in Glasgow, I've never carried one and don't plan on changing that. As for the uvf pish, im just on the wind up. I enjoy some sectarianism, especially after an old firm x
  7. eazy:(


    Ahahaha, yeah my names Ethan, and imagine this right. How many guys in Nv, maybe 20? How many of you are sitting there in a teamspeak, going through my music, something i do as a hobby, and you are all sitting there, riddled with acne, laughing, still jobless, just waiting on the gyro comin in. How pathetic, whats that line a celtic fan once said? "6 million jews and it should of been prodestants" how ironic Long live the UDA, UVF and the PARAS. Long may Ireland continue to live in fear of stepping out of hand again.
  8. eazy:(


    Obviously you are overlooking the 17k plays i have on one beat? Keep it going though, hopefully the para's finish the job. Probably alot more than you, thick cunt.
  9. eazy:(


    I wish i had the courage to joke about someones death and then associate it with me. Come back later when the famines over you catholic cunt. -- also, not a fan of most of juice's work, i actually dislike most his discography but nonetheless, i hope his fan base are able to accept his death, and help celebrate a wonderful career he had, it's a shame to see more people in the rap industry go at such young ages. RIP to him, although i am curious to what exactly happened to him?
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