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  1. 99 % sure it's not gonna happen. Don't spend your time on it.
  2. Hopefully, been dodged for quite some time.
  3. Since you have been here since 2014, what about removing the straight to jail charge? As the respected Admin and Chief Of Police you are I hope you will do what is best for the servers. As that is 100 % the easiest way to increase RP. Since 90 % of the rebels these days have that charge.
  4. I was starting to sweat for a second here. Haha no idea why you say that, I guess people are reporting it if they care. Any plans for the straight to jail charge btw?
  5. Are you actually trying to pretend this has not happend?
  6. Remove the straight to jail charge might be an easy option to begin with.
  7. Take your time is all im saying. @Jesse @Azeh
  8. Haha I guess. It's more them dying you feel? EU ping > NA ping
  9. Hahaha, DS being DS like always. If I even have or not, running a script would get me CABS'D.
  10. Haha Mason, now you know what I was dealing with on a daily basis fighting DS on S4
  11. A goodbye video from the man the myth the legend!
  12. We want more RP as cop, but we need to have atleast one charge we can robo you with
  13. Ill make sure to clarify. This is to try and improve the APD, but not to make it a super gang because me personally want a " bigger challenge ". If you didn't know I have played my fair share of cop trough the years, before you even were a cop im pretty sure. This goes both ways man, I want it to change improve both when im on cop myself or civ. And exactly as you are saying leadership and combat to a certain extent, but that extent is currently missing.
  14. It's not about the APD being an organized gang, it's the fact they should still have people with the ability to lead and take charge. This is not Arma 3 Life. Obviously gangs and the APD will be different that's obvious. But still there should be an effort to try, but everytime this has been brought up we always get the same reply. This is not about making the APD as a gang or lead it as one. But to try and improve it. Even tho im not the profiled cop with 3 years as LT, our opinion should matter and been taken into consideration. So no idea where you got the feeling that we want the APD to change into a huge gang. And yeah we all have heard that the cops can't be as organized as a gang of 15. Please just remember it's possible to try and cordinate instead of not.
  15. And if it's not much to ask I would for more SGT+ to tag along and bring their thoughts. @DarkKnight @Codie Alterman for the most part.
  16. The upper end of the APD is too powerful only OUTSIDE the game. The Constables and Corporals do better without their higherups on most of the time. The major factor for that is simple. The Constables/Corporals are usually players who have played the game alot and is a better player than higherups. Simple as that, hate telling you that but that's how it is. If you believe a LT/Captain makes a difference when it comes to handling a gang you are so mistaken. If the LT's and Captains actually was taking charge, pulling armor, telling people what to do, try and cordinate the fight, then maybe it would get spicy. And that would only be if they outnumbers the civs by 10+.
  17. Getting Buckwalter Jr wibes here. I realise that was badly written. My bad Let's try again here it comes. What do you think of the current APD system, and is it possible for the community to be informed about future plans? And please elaborate : Too much emphasis on the upper end, not enough on the lower end.
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