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  1. you'er my hero

  2. basically he was pulled by mathew and goku goes why the fuck u pull me or something mathew goes ur in support goku is all like fuck dis i dindu nuffin fam mathew is like dont leave goku is like fuck u fam eat me *leaves*
  3. http://puu.sh/t0ZQJ/ca00fbc426.png Maxime when a rebel lands at HQ http://puu.sh/mvrGX/df1f7e7c5f.png When Overseer gets corporal http://puu.sh/mvrtI/aa67455b07.png P4 after a normal day of lethals http://puu.sh/t0Zjr/1aa37fa303.png When you realize your promotion day tank is filled with Corporal
  4. I would like it to expand like it's taken if they commit crimes or something idk but it's just like weird how it works it would be cool if there was secret service or if cops were supposed to protect him or something idk all these things prolly wouldn't work but I would like the government expanded some how
  5. Welcome back I wondered where u went m8
  6. kavala in a nutshell https://youtu.be/TqseYiGA0us
  7. +1 I agree also viper did get attacked cause back when that system was in place my gang attacked them plenty of times as well as lk it was a really fun part of civ I miss. It also made gang wars more interesting cause most did gun runs back then.
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