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  1. yea unknown squad if you pay for our vip you can play with us
  2. damn dident you enjoy the time in my heli? @Mitch (IFRIT)@Azeh wil there be conqust stats like they have on olympus with kills deaths and how many conqust your gang hvae won???
  3. your army is shit how are you on ur phone in the army
  4. i dont like the idea of this most of the events i go to the first thing i see when my group lose an ifrit is that a LT+ jump in to that ifrit and go back to the hq and this would be even worse if cops could claim it.
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT) is this possible
  6. I like that people who vote no is LT's ahaha
  7. yes brother you see we have a bigger problem then just the apd it dosent help small gangs that corprol can buy hunters and that the cops now have ifrits i dont mind the for my own sake but for other it wil be struggle tbh
  8. there is no gangs around that wants to war how should we get blood money?
  9. i removed my adblock tbh with you i wish the best for the server i spend years on playing this is a way supporting.
  10. Now that cops get ifrits
  11. Hello @Azeh do we have anything new about the conqust?
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