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  1. if the server wipes you would get big turf fights
  2. First off all i am not a racist in anyway and this is just a game if u fellings where hurt by a single Word “ chink “ i am sry i dident mean to hurt ur fellings
  3. We dont abuse or eat dogs in the countrys we are from we wouldent know
  4. My Asylum - House – Google Chrome (gyazo.com) LMAO your kd is 0.6
  5. you made ur point now stop spaming on our page fgt
  6. your so retarded before they wipe gang banks they can split the money to people idiot
  7. Sry but why is it allways these retards geting captian
  8. Wow @Mitch (IFRIT) i have talked this with alot of people and the idea about this is awesome imagine how fun it would be doing runs again for a reason imagine how much fun it would be playing on the main server if this happens it wil be fun wil bring alot of gangs to asylum i think
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