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  1. You have never been in unknown retard
  2. @Mr. Slick Look this is what you can get by asking people i like your idea alot +1
  3. you clearly dont understand what the community wants and havent asked about people opions why its going so bad the domination needs changes
  4. Points are way to fare away from rebels remove lighthouse cap ...
  5. i dont see why you should gain more blood money from killing cops its harder to kill rebels then cops in my opinon
  6. well then they should have free loadouts or cheap ones
  7. the reason most people show up to domination is for fights i dont see why the cops wouldent take fights and capture points meanwhile
  8. What are you guys opinion on cops having a swat team showing up to domination?
  9. they call him daddy chrome
  10. Aslan


    kinda stupid ban tbf if they dident share the evidence of him doing it
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