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  1. I dont play tarkov idiot... but ugh you must have me confused with someone who cares idiot?
  2. Ski diving? Im glad you enjoyed my memetage! This was solely made with the intent to piss you off and my goal was achieved, thank you for your participation. suicide may not be as funny as you think idiot, and if your gonna even try to insult me use correct grammar.
  3. Why are you so heated kid? I really do think your mad you aren't in it....I am not fanboying you inbred idiot, I meme them. If your permed why do you still linger around like a gnat...prolly cuz your built like gnashes but anyways @Bherky ill be signing autographs later
  4. Well your account was made in 2016 so you've been here before...welcome back! Try to make some money and find yourself a cartel gang if you want fights.
  5. I literally just clipped every kill I got in like 3 days, I just made for memes idiot, can call me dog all you kid I don't play to sweat like these other freaks. Don't get upset I got superstars like tryhard and bherky and not you in it bud...its okay to cry about it
  6. I had to put something over the video so I can post it, not making it for skill purely entertainment. Id still clap you before you can pop your mouth off of your mothers tit.
  7. I got bored and thought this would be fun to make, enjoy my clips you freaks.
  8. This is how gnashes and bamf would talk to each other.
  9. No offense bro but if someone actually buys this ill shit my pants. Most people wont even buy that for base price, sorry.
  10. This was actually G A S @Boonie Hat your nutty
  11. Ha! Wow! Funny! Great Meme! Epic! +1
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