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  1. just thinking about how much of a ape you are, I noticed it today and saw your retarded comment....I left my toxicity at kavala kid, so should you.
  2. damn didn't know you and your brother were twins!
  3. no you sit in kavala and troll 9 year olds in the basic town.
  4. sorry got your ex on my couch and kids calling me daddy, cant hear you.
  5. I’m trying to cut down my toxicity level but you are actually making me want to fuck your baby mama and have your kids call me daddy....that’s all I will be saying on this topic and now I’m going back to being a good guy to GOOD people.
  6. Does this make China #2 or?
  7. The video quality is absolutely awful but good kills bud!
  8. A. She wouldn’t marry you because you are a raging alcoholic. B. Courts made them be in your life or they wouldn’t be. C. Wow took you losing your kids to finally do it. D. Your a middle aged man who drinks to much and is arguing with a 19 year old on the forums and saying he is bad at a video game... go do your taxes and sell your computer grandpa.
  9. someone misses their wife and kids don't they, that was your life was it not. Go ahead tell me again how your alcohol addiction ruined your life. Cleary the only thing you can tell is how much you miss liquor, im just tired of repeating myself retard. Just tell me how im the bitch when you lost your family cause your a wreck...
  10. I didn’t say to take it so serious but y’all are not my problem if you wanna give off internet toxicity. Sorry what are you doing to better your life? Oh yeah talk shit on a video game forum N E C K. Your wife is in my bed and kids in my living room, go drink again retard. Now idk if you are slightly retarded or literally diagnosed with autism because I said this was just made for practice, not my problem if you don’t like it. everyone bringing hate but sitting in there house trying to be super toxic and lower someone’s self esteem on a video game. Sorry if
  11. Outxcast_clothinng on Instagram, website is under construction rn. no it’s I have aids in my but
  12. Congrats you sell money on a video game, I sell C L O T H I N G. 2 different things, imagine selling money that was passed around more then your mother in the 70s. I’m making a change in my community with the meaning behind my brand and designs, you are just toxic and think your funny. All of my clothes are high quality and actually are being put inside of my local vape shop due to popularity, and all you are being put on is a ban list. Sorry you think you can compare.
  13. SKIIIIII idc just for practice luv you bro I have 60 twitch followers more than you, gained 60 in 3 weeks, my clothing brand has reached tik tok model cruella Morgan who has 150k+ followers and tik tok star larraaaayyyeeee who has 11.7 mil. Just because you aren’t creative and flex on a old game doesn’t mean you are smart enough or successful enough to talk to me. My gang knows how good I’m doing and my friends and family do. Now not that it is any of your Businessbut I made over $250 in profits from that single graphic on a black hoodie and over 350+ pre orders of my new t
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