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  1. Its all love for the boys in zenith but I have to keep the memetages flowing where I get clips... @Vortex @BigD @Innate and @luke110 , its all for memes boys plz dont hate me after this
  2. That was the point you fuckin amoeba can you read?
  3. Memetage 4, get your kicks in on these cringe clips and funny moments!
  4. What ill tell you what...It was definitely a video with sound
  5. +1 have you seen the chipotle tage man geez A little Montage (I suck at editinggg) - Videos and Screenshots - Forums - Gaming Asylum (gaming-asylum.com)
  6. You obviously are tilted that you cant read so here's a helpful tool! Amazon.com: Teaching Kids to Read For Dummies (9780764540431): Tracey Wood: Books
  7. Hey yall I hope you enjoy my montage of me just absolutely dumpstering kids with nades and tking my gang.
  8. I dont play tarkov idiot... but ugh you must have me confused with someone who cares idiot?
  9. Ski diving? Im glad you enjoyed my memetage! This was solely made with the intent to piss you off and my goal was achieved, thank you for your participation. suicide may not be as funny as you think idiot, and if your gonna even try to insult me use correct grammar.
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