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  1. Top Ten Cops by Arrests (Current/former) も Jimbo suck fart out fartbox Bikstok -ア- tiger Allstarplaya Ranga Nv | Rodrigo √ | Walt Jr Useless Retard Corn
  2. Top Ten Bounty Hunters by Arrests are Budbringer [FSA] VirRix Vincent [тs] Kettles Є | Major_Lag (Alden) Slayin JahLynX Fash manyo [FSA] Shamee
  3. Starance


    Easy... the bowling ball
  4. Starance


    a kilo of steel is heavier than a kilo of feathers... ended. locked. Lol
  5. Wit dae ye hink yer playin et, eh? Ye hink dis shit is funneh?
  6. Just increase the market value for a better return... or instead of it taken as long as it does now, cut the time by half.
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