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  1. First , rebels will be there right at the start cuz one of the officers will tell his buddys its coming . Cops sohuldnt start an event , admins back in the day used to do an event when they will fill a truck with gold bars and cops will drive it from kavala to HW , as an admin event its used to work well . But cops are not ment to start events for cash , if an admin does it once a week its could be a fun idea .
  2. Corporal+ have access to Hunters , we are not limited on armor . We are limited on weapons and thats it , the APD can fight on the move pretty good but there is no reason for another event like the shipping .
  3. There are maybe 2-3 APD higher ups that would start a federal event that thay can avoid , cops are already fighting all the time with almost no time to patrol so almost no higher up will start it , and i don't think captain's will ever make it that a Sgt/Lt+ will be forced to start it . Fight on the move that's what the shipping is for .
  4. Lets start with the vans , you shouldnt have more then 1 cadet at the time , so you want 4+ ? Not the SUV \ the offroad or the van will provide you with better cover for incoming fire then the hatch if you know where to hide . Constables have no real use for the van outside of combat , and even then you got SWAT \ corp+ to pull them for you .
  5. 1.9mil bank notes + 290 mk1s @Ken. @Alex. @Kelly @Sjuol @Russell @Master27411 @Nick @Nate!!! @Buck
  6. The hostages were released the bad guys were detained , mission is a sucess .
  7. honstly thats seems to be the main issue with the old strife , was so much fun but lacking the devs to fix it . Also money wasnt balanced out with the life servers , alot of money made in a strife game which is not a bad thing but needs to even with the life server .
  8. I mean ... I was tierd so the truth came out .
  9. Thats my boy right there !
  10. Our favorite British Lt ( retired ) is 1 year older now . Happy Bday bazza @Bazzajack
  11. Even I cant understand you ron ...
  12. Alot of people were harmed in the making of this film , most of them APD personal
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