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  2. this is the song these two listen to because I don't show them love its ok boys I love you
  3. OK you democratic voter ....
  4. yeah I could I'd want to bend you over myself and hear you call me daddy cuz you're so sexy So I agree you've had more pussy than anyone on asylum Although I hear @Jimbo! fucks mad bitches to so you have competition lad
  5. You're gang was shit and so are you I have a full time job and in school as well yet I have time to start shit with a keyboard warrior Lel pussy I know you're mad that I didn't listen to you BUT ITS JUST A GAME My guess is you are in remedial classes lol
  6. Dude were just having some top banter chill
  7. And you're a bitch that wears tanning lotion to try and look big haha pussy
  8. Should I upload the video of you killing me that one time and you telling me to "sit" in side chat And then I did the same exact thing to you and you got salty Stfu and go for a jog instead of trying to shit on people on internet forums haha what a loser
  9. I have no clue who you are either I can make any post I want if you don't like it don't reply simple as that its easy for a pussy to start shit behind a keyboard stfu and don't talk cause in the end no one cares what you have to say derp
  10. id shit on you either way so w.e see ya
  11. cool who are you again?
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