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  1. To add the ifrit does not have lights or the lt horn. Additionally the fix uniform phone function does not work for cops.
  2. Hosted by: Nathan All ranks welcome!
  3. Does this behave like the federal events or like the drug runner missions?
  4. Just checked on server, boats was working for A-EMT and the Orca must be for paramedics.
  5. For the uninformed, what is the minimum rank requirement to purchase these vehicles?
  6. So what exactly does this mean? Content in game or other behind the scenes functions? If I understand this correctly means that the cops will know when a ticket has been issued and can now see how long that ticket is payable by civilians?
  7. First of lets debunk these statements... Yes, bounty hunters have a smaller arsenal of guns to chose from. However, every gun they possess is illegal and cannot be used without being charged and seized. Bounty hunters have access to legal armored vehicles and primarily the ability to restrain and keep a person for a maximum of 10 minutes and utilize blindfolds for a simple 1.5k charge. That is some true power. Bounty hunter has access to the exact same clothes and armor as the rebels do (Might be exceptions at this time, report if known). The point of rebel is to have very big
  8. Start time: 5:30 PM CST Host: J. Lucky Supervisor: ColtonB205 All Ranks Welcome!
  9. The 120 on the carryall was a reward for meeting the donation goal. Was supposed to only be for June but that isn't how that worked out. Now the correct number for carryall capacity should be 96 as it has been before.
  10. Start time: 10 PM UTC Host: ColtonB205
  11. If this was truly implemented players would gather at night, store it in their houses, then sell during these high pop times fixing nothing.
  12. With the change to licenses being gone for the full restart, how does that affect people who go to jail/sent to jail and are released? Can they go re-buy the license immediately or are they also bared from buying a licenses as if they were seized by a police officer?
  13. With the change to lethals how does the APD handle people outside of HQ's at 1 minute to restart who refuse/unable to pay their ticket?
  14. We will never see any content which includes AI or other such NPC's. The exception is the manicans used for buy signs at locations as they have no toll on the server like an AI does. This is in accordance with previous dev decisions on even less intensive AI or NPC usage.
  15. Post should have been more specific about who should have specified to what rank should have this ability.
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