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  1. I look at the images for the purges rework and get PTSD from the old funnel bank design which was total ass. If an athira location was added would the purges location also be available at the same time? If so I have major objections.
  2. Same goes for blood bagging as well.
  3. The issue I mentioned is different from that. Though azeh was made aware of what I meant.
  4. Preliminary report: soft logging wipes prestige on cop.
  5. Not sure if this has been reported yet, will leave anyways. When ever a medic is killed then respawns they get the error message "bad vehicle type" on the spawn screen. Has been very consistent and only on medic have I found this issue.
  6. Drug pings have always been this way and I have heard they are aware of the issue with the RCO.
  7. If you know this community, then you know it will be abused. People will voice their decent if they do not like the idea or comment.
  8. How have medics been factored into the ratio? Was not sure if the system counted them as civilians.
  9. Having issues purchasing the Supervisor SUV skin on cop. Also EMS has the issue once respawned and looking at the spawn screen the error appears saying "bad vehicle type" I don't know why as this issue does not exist on cop. The respective EMS ranks does not have access to boats. I am unsure what the rank displacement is so inquire to one of the chiefs.
  10. Only an idea, but what aout banner which incorporates both the AFD and APD logos on the respective sides of the banner?
  11. If you were a lieutenant who wanted to experiment with different guns other than a 7.62 it is inevitable that you get asked: "why don't you have 7.62?" This isn't a fallacy it is a reality, any LT who hangs out with more then friends on the regular knows this. Cannot attest to the total number of scenarios which all higher-ups use armor both the strider/hunter as well as the orcas. I do know that it is a direct cost of the higher-up to lose that armored vehicle or helicopter and no one else. The point I am making here is that it is very expensive for higher-ups to afford to fight with all the equipment they have access to as the same level of payment is sent to a constable with low cost loadouts following a fight.
  12. Free money? How did you come to that conclusion? Staff are required to perform the day to day operations of the APD (interviews, apps, disciplinary action) to keep rank. We do not get paid with the only exception being for the completion of trainings which meet the requirements to be paid. I don't know what you mean by free money if you imply that people pay for ranks. I have to pay the same as a civilian for an Orca that has a higher probability of being shot down then do rebels. In average patrol we cannot store our gear in a house/locker to pull out at a later date. If we get the gear for a bank and no longer need it you have to patrol with it or pay for a less expensive loadout losing money on the last. As a Lieutenant it is completely expected to have a 7.62 this is not deniable. With the APD having limited ways of dealing with orcas, heavy weaponed vehicles, and ifrits; it is almost required that Lieutenants get Mks. To protect that investment into a weapon I want to have good armor which means paying for PCs in many ways.That adds up quick. On top of that both rebels and cops make the complaint that "why don't higher-ups pull armor?" Answer is simple and two part for me. The first it is expensive to use that equipment. Second it is much harder to get that equipment back when it inevitably ends up in the hands of rebels. I say this as everyone is aware that it is much easier to shoot out a person from armor with a 7.62 then say a 6.5 or 5.56. I say all this as many have no idea how expensive it has now become to use the equipment of the APD at the highest levels with Rebel gear getting a price decrease recently.
  13. If I go with a full loadout for UC it is around 17K and that is not including flashbang grenades or smokes. We are talking Mk18 (rod knows how much that costs on cop), Pilots, helmet, mags 10ish, vest, bag, and faks. Before anyone develops the though I earned all my cash through the grind on civ, specifically, scotch. Cop is as much if not more of a money sink for staff members then rebels going to the rebel outposts.
  14. This is the whole motivation to get to Corporal. Constables are considered the "basic" rank of the APD and need the basic equipment to perform their role. If you want the more "advanced" equipment you are supposed to go through the ranks like everyone else to unlock the equipment.
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