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  1. First of lets debunk these statements... Yes, bounty hunters have a smaller arsenal of guns to chose from. However, every gun they possess is illegal and cannot be used without being charged and seized. Bounty hunters have access to legal armored vehicles and primarily the ability to restrain and keep a person for a maximum of 10 minutes and utilize blindfolds for a simple 1.5k charge. That is some true power. Bounty hunter has access to the exact same clothes and armor as the rebels do (Might be exceptions at this time, report if known). The point of rebel is to have very big guns. Things like LMGs, 7.62 weapons and armed vehicles are the draw of being a rebel. They are not government sanctioned like bounty hunter is. There are plenty of bounty hunters who operate with the fully legal equipment and do just fine. Is it more of a challenge? Why of course it is, that is why it is encouraged to pick your battles and work in teams of bounty hunters. To say that all BH guns are ineffective is simply wrong. Are you able to tap out orcas and ifrits like MKs can? No and that is by design as bounty hunters are design to be a threat to rebels not a complete demolisher of every persons fun. You have to give cops a reason to search you. Here is the list incase you have not read this portion of the guide book: Link. Just because you have to think more around the cops, does not mean you should be handed the keys to the kingdom for abusing this. I must also add if you read the popups from when you gain your bounty hunter license, the intent is for you to work in the absence of officers. I must also add that while you may have good intentions as a bounty hunter, other before you have made the owners of the server make this change happen. I know I have heard of many stories of people abusing these weapons on civilians who suffered the most when these guns were legal as the repercussions were so minimal. I state this to give you a better picture as to why these guns were moved to be illegal and not to rub out all of bounty hunting.
  2. Start time: 5:30 PM CST Host: J. Lucky Supervisor: ColtonB205 All Ranks Welcome!
  3. The 120 on the carryall was a reward for meeting the donation goal. Was supposed to only be for June but that isn't how that worked out. Now the correct number for carryall capacity should be 96 as it has been before.
  4. Start time: 10 PM UTC Host: ColtonB205
  5. If this was truly implemented players would gather at night, store it in their houses, then sell during these high pop times fixing nothing.
  6. With the change to licenses being gone for the full restart, how does that affect people who go to jail/sent to jail and are released? Can they go re-buy the license immediately or are they also bared from buying a licenses as if they were seized by a police officer?
  7. With the change to lethals how does the APD handle people outside of HQ's at 1 minute to restart who refuse/unable to pay their ticket?
  8. We will never see any content which includes AI or other such NPC's. The exception is the manicans used for buy signs at locations as they have no toll on the server like an AI does. This is in accordance with previous dev decisions on even less intensive AI or NPC usage.
  9. Post should have been more specific about who should have specified to what rank should have this ability.
  10. AEMT+ can do this currently.
  11. In a way we have this they just perform the opposite role you are describing. They are called support team members.
  12. So constables can buy supervisor skins on sports and suvs
  13. Lotta good changes here. Awesome work!
  14. Yes and no, as a lower rank (cadet and constable) the investment as you said is minimal at most. However, higher-ups have much higher costs with the same income as those constables and cadets. We do not get paid more by the five minute paychecks, the division of income does not shift, and our rank equipment is more expensive. I do agree that the pay scale is an issue among the constables and cadet as there is extreme profit gains which has been a long running issue with asylum and robocoping.
  15. You missed the point... flashbangs cost around a grand and do what? blow up inanimate objects. I never said I carried them, as I find they are not worht the cost. Forgot to add on earlier SGTs also spend a 1k on a terminal for drones and 4k for the drone itself which you might not get back when you die.
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