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  1. Could we see this feature implimented for the cops as well? Would be very useful as would reduce confusion for all officers by lessening overall confussion.
  2. Make it happen my man. Also would like to see the lights make a return to the server with the 4WD (jeep) having the lights added to them.
  3. https://plays.tv/video/5d75cd8c0214b5a07a/i-can-only-describe-this-in-one-word-justice- The hunter was mine so no regrets were made in the production of this clip.
  4. Not to sound mean, only to highlight how long you have not been present. The precincts have been dead for a month and a half now.
  5. Not to make this comment in a dickish way, but you are currently thinking to narrowly. If for example the release of V2 was to occur with whitelisted medics then their role would be even more reduced then they currently are. If anything the majority of the suggestions on this list would turn asylum from a light rp server to a straight up cops vs robbers server. One could make the argument that it currently is this way already and I would partly agree with them. But if you break down asylum there is more then just those two elements and to reduce them to such is naive.
  6. Only to play devils advocate here. The number of times where someone with this level of a bounty not running or fighting is right next to the level of once in a career.
  7. I have a question to ponder for a moment. Has the addition of rubber to the land oil running business been considered to make it more appealing?
  8. Just an idea here but: Remove the RPG and add the offroad or jeep with the SPG. Though the damage the SPG does should be equivalint to the RPG not the current tank killing power bohimia gave it. Would add another layer to fighting and is not a simple switch to RPG and win weapon.
  9. Might want to re-read through your point about federal resserve robberies and the cocaine processor as I am unable to understand it. On the point of robocops, they have always been stated as an issue. With the regular officer having the ability to decide the ticket pricing, there will always be people who will up charge on tickets and be called a robocop. Now this is not an excuse for cops who are processing a person who has been giving real roleplay for 20+ minutes and giving a full ticket. Those instances should be handled by IAB (Lieutenants) on a case-by-case basis. I will also say that some of the same who would fit the description of a "robocop" rarely ever pay for a loadout. So you have to realize your trying to punish the ENTIRE cop force for in many cases a few bad apples.
  10. I think you are comparing apples to oranges on this though. Here is what I mean: Cop gear is seperated by rank making it unequal to everything rebels can pull or have. On top of that rebels have the best equipment always availble (if they buy or craft it). Rebels in almost every situation are fighting from tacitically advantagious positions. The banks, feds, and prisons are designed for the rebels to have the upper hand and cops having to assault those possitions. Cops are required to respond to these events when not engaged in other situations (active fire fight, kidnapping, etc.). So we need a way to allow for sustained fighting. Cops will trully get paid on a communist mentality. By this I mean that all cops in a 2K radious get a split of the payment. This causes issues when you reach some of the higher ranks of the APD when we are using equipment like the cop orca. We do not have a gang bank to compensate for losses it comes right out of our accounts. It is also rare to see other members helping pay for equipment. Rebels can chose when to fight. As a rebel most of your transportation time will be in the air by orca which is challenging to shoot down as a cop. The most common caliber of firearm availble to the cops is a 6.5 MX rifle. Cops as stated above do not have this same luxury as almost every rebel is equiped with a 7.62. I would say the phrasiology we use today in the APD may need to be re-examined on the "value your life" and other lines as I believe many have lost their meaning. This is only my evaluation as to why I state that the loadouts should reflect the balance of asylum. Feel free to agree or disagree with me, but this is what I stand by in saying cop loadouts should not mirror rebel pricing.
  11. My case to you on this is that it is currently one of the ways cop is balanced against rebels. I would like to hear an argument for your reasoning on this change.
  12. Just a few things to comment on here from a career cop. 1. ! believe the function you are refering to is the disarm function. This is to give cops some ability to deal with civilians which get killed or are killed from a fight for good. Now this is what our version of executing someone is. The main difference here is one takes your guns/grenades the other sends you to the respawn screen. 2. Let me give you an example: You pull out a vehicle from the DMV in athira. You unlock the car, get in, and there is someone who jumped in the passenger seat of your car. Well now you have 3 options. The first option is you ask the person to get out and they get out. The second is you get out and kill the person. The third option is you have the cops pull the occupents out preventing the vehicle from having a chance of being stolen and not gathering a warrant for killing a person. The point to this story is that if this function was removed it would be highly challenging to deal with players in vehicles on the server as the police and would cause some annoying levels of trolling that is preventable. In case you have never heard or spoken to me before I always encourage people to record and report any abuse from police they find. I am a Lieutenant and every officer of the APD knows this and acts like angels, preventing me from knowing the corrupt things they do when I am not around. Always and I mean always have a recording software running as it has a grand many purposes on these servers. TLDR: These ideas will not work in all practicallity and abuse is bad and should be reported.
  13. Nice work with these! Did the ATM's get removed from the black market location as to allow the police to catch those gun runners with their illegal funds? Seems a little odd that the criminals in shady places would have an ATM next to their criminal enterprise.
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