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  1. No, he is just braindead. He tried selling it to china guys for 500k
  2. @Mason Statham makes better skins
  3. im allergic to immigrants and pakis and in this case you are both so go tie a noose you useless human being
  4. stop posting on this thread you fucking retard, u have nothing to do with this gang
  5. ved u sleep in the same bed with your brother. miss u
  6. wtf is this song and this fov?
  7. idk, I dont play arma
  8. I just wanted to say something bad and the only thing what I can say is why post an olympus montage here? Nice tag lil page gay friend
  9. Noliver.

    CSGO 1

    nobody wants to play with you
  10. hahahahaha, u where my farm bot
  11. William I know how bad you are at rust xd
  12. I remeber you saying you will never want to be a staff member xd
  13. Why are yall getting more mods and admins? isnt there enough already?
  14. Then why so hardcore push out an shit montage? just leave it to be there
  15. Not the best tag, you montage you shooting people into thery back.
  16. why are you still talking to me, you are retarded and you will be
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