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  1. If someone gets banned for side chat spam while im in game, does that mean i can request enough comp to afford a hearing aid? kappa.
  2. chill bro its just temporary xD. i got this for free as a temporary monitor. the pizza box comment has me dying tho
  3. thats on purpose, i love having the colors pop. It's actually sweetfx doing the color corection that's actually my monitor size. its 1280x1024, i cheaped out on monitor so i could spend more on my build. saving for 144hz monitor rn
  4. In this quality tutorial, you learn how to hot land an Orca to stop a nasty pistol banger
  5. i like this a lot, especially the addition of the bunker
  6. @bamf when will the crates be fixed?
  7. @bamf @Paratus There seems to be an issue where when u try to access house crates it says that you can't access them unless all doors are unlocked, and even when u unlock them it doesnt work.
  8. <3 love how fast u guys are working
  9. its anything u can interact with that is lagging everything out rn
  10. bump. this shit is unbearable
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