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  1. But i really don't cheat .. does this also apply to duping?
  2. This meme has about as many features as asylum does now
  3. i wanted to buy it , saw the reviews "menu simulator" "crashes when trying to start" "ripoff" so i went back to minecraft
  4. As soon as identity stops being a menu simulator*
  5. i'm actually being legit about having straw hats at rebel, it's really all i want added to asylum =/
  6. Add straw hats to rebel please, it's all i live for . thank you
  7. Welcome back page , i'll be seeing you at meth lab some more i hope <3
  8. you caught me at the right time lol think i blew up like 25 of my orcas jumping out fail vesting and shit xD dw if recursion is still a thing when i get back ill vdm you bois non stop i promise
  9. Well guess i'll make one of these , Well most of the people i got to know over the past few years already know what's going on, pretty much getting surgery done on my right arm wednesday and the recovery time after surgery is 3-6 months.. so i won't be able to play anymore for that time being but i will try to get back though anyways it's been fun seeing the servers more populated again still the crashes oof .. xD i blame gnashes 100% btw @bballmajic @Henry Facesmasher @Hank3 You mofo's better still play when my arm gets better though ready to do some more meth XD @Defragments @Raza @Hugo Stiglitz @Virrx And everyone from imperium it's been fun so far stop playing apex legends though for real <.< and virxx i hope they add a BH shop in therisa before you buy a house there and fill it with 30 po7's 300 zipties and 300 redgul... smh some gangs don't learn @Bazzajack @Russell* @KrazyKnight @Gregg @WolfLeader Was fun having you guys chase me around getting speedbombed and shit xD spent my last money sui vesting bazza, russel i was in prison for 8 minutes before nv broke me out so HAH , wolf stop being so fucking nice so i don't feel bad shooting you , krazy i will 50 cal you again some day , and gregg thanks for being cool and giving me a way reduced ticket because of what's going on even though i didn't accept it i appreciated the thought i know there's alot more people i should tag alot of ppl that made asylum fun and worth sticking around for throughout all the server crashes but i can't tag anymore ppl because broken forums and game is broken Well this is the end result of my going away weekend hanging with my friends burning my money blowing my ifrits with speed bombs lol Hopefully see you guys again soon.
  10. please make the maximum amount of houses to 17 so they can spawn somewhere else, there's just not enough options for some people to spawn anywhere else except therisa ..
  11. is this footage of the recursion gang war fight?
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