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  1. I was about to write a long post (like a blog) about what just happened tonight but meh. Just wanted to say that you guys(farmersville and their friends that sit in Kavala all day) should honestly go see a doctor, a psych or just go get some love from your parents or get laid or something. You guys literally harras and bully every single person, most likely, noobs in Kavala. Its really sad man. And it got worse when this guy PiNoY (whom I dont believe is the same guy from 2015/16 bc this guy was very very friendly and friendly towards me) who is supposed to be an admin, Maki, according to one
  2. everyone knows Pyrgos is as bad as Kavala and Athira is almost the same, but people is busy doing cocaine runs, so less chances to get robbed and KoS. Another thing I realize is that some of the guys doing this in Kavala (From fse and Kaa gang) are actually APD officers off duty... (sigh) just makes everything even sadder. But meh, honestly Im not here to make drama or get mad bc of this. If admins dont care about this server/community anymore and let this happen(bc those guys are literally killing the server), why should I even bother or worry about it.
  3. Well this is my first time making and introduction but at the same time making a farewell post. Its gonna be a long one so if you dont like reading me (not everyone can stand my english) just skip to the last part. Well as I said it was a long one (and I can make it longer but I know 99% of you wont read it so... why would I do it ) I just wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE who made this server/community/experience possible
  4. In-game Name: the one and only Hakeem Age: 25 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot Required): around 1500hours 90% in asylum Previous Gangs: marauder(I got my "rebel license" learning with them for like 2 weeks), LK ( ) Money in Bank: I got money, believe me Why would you like to join Sicarios: because destroyer and gravity are my bitches.
  5. you are always like this... and then we have people saying I am/was toxic lel.
  6. wrong song for perreo bro, in Peru we would do it with a song like this
  7. I just want to say I have seen and been a victim of (clearly) an abusive use of power, wont give more details to avoid drama but you know when something isn't right specially when you have almost 2 years playing this "mod" /mission in this server. Would really like to see new admins, (with no gang affiliations) we have ( I think so) some good admins, cool, they understand how things work, and the same for the APD some higher ups are cool and they know how to handle things BUT we also have admins that use 2 types of judgement for VERY similar cases/scenarios etc etc and what can I say about th
  8. Holy sh1t... and I thought they only hated me or my gangmates
  9. ... Now being serious I would liek to give my opinion about this (new captains) I would like to see someone like Abraams as a Captain, good cop, cool person, etc. On the other hand we have 95% of LTs who dont give a shit about you or your story, egocentrics af or acting like assholes, they just dont care, abusing lethals all the time etc etc. Imo we dont need to have a bad ass or drill instructor as a captain I think we all want is a guy doing the "right" thing having in mind that after all this is just a goddamn videogame.
  10. I mean why is that a problem? you can fly everywhere.
  11. 1- not true, they break all the time 2- how is that possible?
  12. I really think you have an obsession with me... Like I dont even know how the fuck I decided to check the forums- off topics and check your post and I see my name ... seriously are you my ex-gf or something?
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