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  1. Hello! You either know me, hate me, like me, or love me. Either way, you're here! I've been around for a while and I've learned a lot from my time and I want to say hello and a little about me. 1) I hate idiots. 2) I have a low tolerance for people who enjoy the pain and suffering of others just to get a kick. (We all do it tho) 3) I usually expect everyone I meet to be having a decent day before I meet them considering nobody deserves to have a bad day and sit in the turmoil that is this fuckshit we call life. I usually have one goal and that is to make people laugh a lil. Even
  2. Hello, My name is Lightbulb J. in-game. I go as Bulb or Light. I am 23. I have 1,283 hours in Asylum. Most of that was on Asylum pre-V2. Currently have 343 hours post V2. My previous gang was an irrelevant gang to my knowledge. I sold them a garage and wanted to keep using it. Before that, I was in Peacekeepers, planned to join DS but ended up just being an ally supplying components for their campaign. I want to join because Peacekeepers in my mind are people who fight for the right causes and aim to make the world a better place. I have no plan to cause problems.
  3. 美国处于危险之中,我感到害怕。
  4. I just want to hear from people on a statement. Kavala is a place where often people find themselves to get away from the tediousness of gathering resources and making stuff. Others find it a cursed land where they find themselves often just getting killed and kidnapped. My question is simple and easy. What is Kavala to you? A home or A Nightmare? Just a Curious Lightbulb
  5. That dance video was actually pretty awesome! I could only imagine the massive Kavala dance parties ! xD
  6. That sounds like a harsh move if they were restrained. But a kind second chance if they were "unarmed" and role-playing a victim. (didn't fire) I don't want to get too invested in the thought, I wouldn't be corrupt, just would look for every role-play opportunity.
  7. I'm gonna end this on a positive note, I appreciate everyone's opinions. It's clear that it's a bad idea and if people got offended by the idea, Welp... See ya on my next.. horrible I guess, idea!
  8. I appreciate your thought on the matter. I would agree that.
  9. Hearing your opinion on the matter would have helped to sway my position on the matter. Although considering you used a pun and then berated me for the purpose of disagreeing with my idea shows you don't take the idea with the slightest bit of thought. I appreciate the pun tho. Ha
  10. I'm not asking that we make it a part of the code and guidelines. I'd say that there would be a more extensive list added of different interactions that could introduce different scenarios. Ones that wouldn't be an problem but, could lead to different situations. Obviously everyone assumes negative situations on breaking the rules and code. Honestly at this moment, I don't even think it's worth the battle with how everyone responded negatively to it.
  11. I see you don't appreciate the idea. Noble Sergeant. One who's lived with the rules. Understandable why you'd be against such a change.
  12. Hello, I believe that the APD should work to create a set of grey area guidelines for cops that could play as rogue cops on the server. This would include: - A set of guidelines on what is too far for a corrupt cop to do without a proper role-play attitude. - The ability for a single officer to man one checkpoint gate with new options of interaction with Bounty Hunters & Rebels. - More options for corrupt officers to offer rebels to keep their weapons and loadout for a bribery RP. (If the role-play isn't sufficient then they wouldn't have the opportunity) (Officer->
  13. I can agree this sounds like an innovative way to collect rubber compared to the trudge of transporting the barrels via boat. Also, a good majority of civilians usually don't realize the value of rubber until they find out that they could be able to make their own vehicles or helicopters via the vehicle market.
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Lightbulb. I go by many last names and these can vary often. It is 2:45 in the morning and I've decided to write an introduction to the general public or those who check the forums for content to say hello. Hello to all the new friends I look forward to playing with in the near future. And Hello to those I've played with before. I don't post on the forum very often so this is different to me. If you happen to read this and want to have a chat, Don't be on everyday waiting for a response. I do many things in a day due to having a horrible attent
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