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  1. Respect the pfp, Jaydayoungeen is one the best in the game rn
  2. Honestly, I probably have nearly 1000 hours on asylum. Tons of great memories, and I reminisce about the times me and my friends used to have when we were younger. I get sad when I see the server population and realize its all coming to an end soon. But I still have no motivation to play anymore We used to have 4 servers max population nearly everyday, even if we try as hard as we can I don't think there's a chance to rebuild our population. It's just arma in general thats dying.
  3. Years ago I felt like I missed the WoW train so I never sat down and started playing it. Now that classic is out my interests have sparked again. So should I play it? How long will it keep a playerbase? I've played runescape since 2004 and frequently play oldschool, just looking for some change
  4. Runescape will always be infinitely better than WOW
  5. No one cares about robbing gas stations
  6. Got hit with some nostalgia hearing this
  7. This happened to me too awhile ago, only developer placed buildings are gone. Enjoy it while you can
  8. The missile is the difference between 10k and 50k, that’s asking for a lot
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