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  1. drive down the road with a combine and mince the deer into sunday brunch. Simple problems require simple solutions.
  2. yeah I can, its gonna be called Void OG btw @Trapstar2121 theres absolutely no way U didnt know I had a gang named void for 4 YEARS but you do you
  3. accepted dm sent message r3 + for tags cant DM get discord from rat king 808 or send me a PM
  4. I 100% fuck with the CUP Maps and the Terrains/Biomes on them snow doesnt effect optimization that crazy I wouldnt think.
  5. To add to this. TIMES: Tuesday 6:30, lets be honest most people NA are either commuting home from their jobs or are still at their jobs depending on where in the country they are. Thursday 8:30 Does not clash with OLY Conquest. Friday add for 830. Saturday and Sunday: 3PM Added Maps: Chernarus/Malden/Stratis/Takistan NO TANOA We need Cap rotations at the very least. Flags should have a Cap radius of 15m, not 2m. makes cappers completely and utterly useless during a push.
  6. denied no hours posted denied. denied
  7. accepted Ill give you a chance. Ill send you discord.
  8. I completely understand where you are coming from. I dont know how to code so why would I want to do it. Im just making a suggestion is all. As I said I love the direction the server has been taken so far under this management. Not many cheaters on Dom either.
  9. shouldnt be a dev for the server if you dont have the time or motivation. The reason the devs are developers is because they have or had the motivation to progress the server. You guys are doing an awesome job with the server but I would like to add, we dont need more content we just need things to work correctly and have dom (the main reason alot of people play) more active than it is becoming. I do agree with fudger on the fact that we should add more maps. I also wouldnt mind working on mapping out zones caps ect for it either and im sure @FudgeR @Walt @tom wouldn't either.
  10. nah. I have my preferences u have yours. I prefer using my big scope as a big scope. not a red dot ty very much.
  11. i use typhon solutions dont tell mitch
  12. House ;)


    100 I believe
  13. House ;)


    mitch made me buy keys until I got them while I was plastered Justice4Me
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