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  1. ah thank god I only got montaged once
  2. did u shake his hand before the rebel fight? I miss the days of every thread I posted getting locked
  3. will send ts, what serverr was TSG on?
  4. @Jayshawn https://gyazo.com/1da9c8f67019a4b00e2e2251764b05b2 what a gamer
  5. Seán :)

    Friday Night Fights

    2 mil and a bunch of ifrits
  6. Seán :)

    Friday Night Fights

    We should have more of these @Roice
  7. @Clint Beastwood forgot this thread existed, For the beamer I’m currently running a Tune + AEM Meth Controller, BMS Meth Kit, Pure turbos, usually running e30 mixture and a 75 shot when I’m going to Mexico. im looking to part ways with the car soon for something else because I just can’t seem to hold onto anything for more than 6 months other than my daily GTI which literally has a Ecs stage 2 kit on it and nothing else, if I’m ever in your area before I trade it for something else I’d love to run you!
  8. Oh daddy that war system
  9. Bump looking for fingerless retards
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