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  1. Oh its in the campaign? i might have to actually give that a look Unfortunately i was in mid hot drop est 75-125m at an inclined angle or i woulda used auto hover. In the end it was a very unlucky timing but i was just curious why air was affected.
  2. that's a shame, i'm not too familiar with the coding in arma unfortunetly hence why im here lol
  3. So just had this happen to me not 5 min ago, was en route to bank response and was beginning to hot drop. while still over 100m in the air above water i and blinded by an earthquake and lose my heli. Not sure why i was affected at all tho My Suggestions is to have immunity to EQ's while airborne if possible in arma code of course
  4. To assume that especially during a free week where anyone can join is naiive
  5. neither of you understand this is directed towards new players too
  6. Civs just get to run their own town then? might as well make it a rebel outpost? As a cop knowing that a town is just ignored because we can't do anything about it is kinda shit
  7. Any way to add an alert for civs and cops that a zone Ex. Kavala is under high terror and should be avoided? This could help detour new players from having their experiences ruined as well as allows cops to see where a majority of troops should deploy if crime is rampant. Most already have ping for fugitives this would be extreme cases like x murders in y time.
  8. the rules do not clearly state how long an initiation lasts. i was banned for 3 days because i came back 8min later and killed a cop because he had arrested me and was still interogating my gang. Which he also did not value his life when he was 1 against 3. but this is beside the point i told him that he was gonna die if he didnt listen. he took my liscense and gave me only 1 chance to pay a ticket because he was rushed. I waited 4 min in jail and quickly returned before even 10min had passed. **THIS IS NOT A REPORT** this is just me saying it should be stated in the rules how long initiation lasts.
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