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  1. what is this spray control lmao
  2. JackH

    Get on 3

    you will never steal our bounties Mr.Layhee
  3. @all the higher ups that aren't P1
  4. In-game Name: Age:17 Previous Administrative Experience:none (but i have done a lot of coding i know its a lil different but i would love to learn) Hours on Arma 3: 3.7k Current vouches within the Google's CQC Administrator Team: Lorax, Google
  5. April Fools, made you look
  6. also for the people that think if they post it over and over it will happen faster
  7. JackH

    Wizard 101

    i have a shit ton of high lvls i couild speed lvl you or 1v1 if you pm me
  8. who r u this montage looks like twinkie doge could a done better
  9. you wasted so much time on clips of you running with no stamina because you like wearing a fucking carryall at a cartel just to get a single!
  10. When side chat isn't enough so you bring it to the forums
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