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  1. @Max Shorefield ez #1 worst cop +1 for second place +1 for third worst cop
  2. tapping feet nice frags my guy
  3. just remove it then just a waste? your the ds trash that asylum is dying from retard
  4. i just alt f4 anyway plz just toss it
  5. Need to spend unemployment @Mitch (IFRIT)
  6. why didnt you add a clip of you pulling hard?
  7. imagine your shittage being so bad you make a clickbait title who still makes montages btw?
  8. your gang is litterally dogshit this is why the forums suck you all want new shit but then someone says it and everyone comes after them.
  9. aww yes cuz every push to this cancerious cartel is my favorite fight not like i would rather fight oil fucktard
  10. you mean theres still no new content on v2?
  11. we havent had new content in months tho and the rp is going to shit cops just lethal and do whatever so whats the point on working on a new server when we cant control 1?
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