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  1. Application Hours(with a screenshot) 3K+ On an old account before I bought ArmA on my main account. Age: 21 Previous gangs: Forsaken, FSA, Notorious, Ascension Is there anyone that can vouch for you in the gang? If so name them. Gravl, Kareem, Jamie, Grizz How active are you, realistically? Every Day
  2. In Game Name: Skoal Age: 21 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Constable Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: years ago got banned once, nothing major Any previous Gangs: Forsaken, Ascension, Notorious, FSA (way back w/ grizz)
  3. In-Game Name: Robert Nil / Skoal Age: 21 Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): 5000+ between 2 accounts Any experience fighting? yeah, quite a bit Vouches: @Grizz How active will you be? as much as I can be between my work schedule
  4. Was just about to post a video of this, it's genuinely bugged. Even after dropping the weapon, only way to buy another scope after is to buy a different weapon. It'll just keep eating your money. @Landon1 you should definitely do things the right way and make a bug report instead of making 2 posts on the forums bitching with little to no information on what is even happening, even after one of them was locked.
  5. Im still mad about this
  6. Cope 2 copies of miscreated so I can get away with ArmA while gifting a copy to my friend grizz. thanks
  7. lol this thread is literally just people trying to show they have a big e-penis and start shit. kek
  8. Skoal

    900k APB arrest

    i bet u guys lethal'ed him for that bounty and blamed it on script failure
  9. what did he edit this with????
  10. wow really flying houses so much pay to win rn
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