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  1. cartels? Pilots? Heli's? Everyone knows the new meta = Quads and Pdubs
  2. next time record 5 minutes otherwise you're sol
  3. Not if you recently respawned which looks like you did
  4. That's the only angle you can come from with that kind of speed, power and momentum.
  5. ya the guy was shooting an SDAR at one of my boys from like 100m away one day and my boy just stood there laughing at him because obviously the sdar doesn't shoot for shit after what... 50m? He cried godmode and has video evidence of said 'cheat'. Short story long he went to google and found the best free arma 3 hax to compete so he too can have godmode.
  6. He probably didn't know you were behind it. That's what I would tell the banning admin
  7. I'm 99% sure Mitch has said that the server has too much money.
  8. So maybe we are asking the wrong questions then? What can devs make that will make players spend their money on? Personally if you want a money sink allow people to buy skins, clothing etc via in-game money. (special skins as to not fuck with the donations) Make them fucking expensive to buy. But you get it forever. How to add content to sink money without pissing people off 101?
  9. These people spent hours upon hours grinding and grinding to get #1 or #2 spot. Why is this a bad thing that Asylum is trying to address? Yes they have money. Are they going to spend it? Doesn't look like it. The way I see it, money is pointless if you don't spend it. But some people don't see it that way. So why all of the sudden this has become a problem? Just curious.
  10. This is the only game I have ever seen where they punish their playerbase for actually PLAYING THE GAME.
  11. for one house...? It's EVERY house buddy. Congratulations on not keeping new players around.
  12. https://gyazo.com/b1b73804d287387aad51131b1449e663 just 1 house..
  13. This literally makes me NOT want to play the game. I don't play Arma3 to grind. I play to have fun. Now I have to spend an RPG equivalent loadout every week. Why not try to fix the server lag before adding in stupid shit? https://gyazo.com/b1b73804d287387aad51131b1449e663
  14. mine broke after 5 hours of use 10 or 11 mil upgrading racks because i didn't know consoles were a thing... 2,000 xrp mined... and breaks...
  15. Ya not shit dude. I just had mine break within 5 hours of use. After upgrading my racks to lvl 4 because i'm an idiot and didn't realize I needed consoles...
  16. Because no one likes constructive criticism
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