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  1. This is the thread https://gyazo.com/d5ec3702e07296b3ee64a8f7b0c38e71 https://gyazo.com/49a7dbb77d88f94133bb236b56f76492 Sign below k thanks
  2. He already got perm'ed for racial RP
  3. I get it you're trying to save money, but you're never saving money when you're buying garbage.
  4. LOL Plague moment TBH I would have just bumped into the hatch so it spangles him and just kill him that way for the memes
  5. Ya I say something along those lines every time I die. "Oh i almost head shotted him" But almost is like 2nd place. No one wants it.
  6. Didn't you get perm'ed from asylum?
  7. I say we craft them only at LSD Processor
  8. https://gyazo.com/da6c5e7f45bd3bfdc0044ea73bdd9862 RIP Plague their star player!
  9. Denied because you can't figure out how to post a screenshot. Accepted message Juan Lei for discord information.
  10. probably should have hidden your taskbar cheat program at the end. but i give this vid a 1 out of 2.
  11. You know you're mad when you get trolled into having to explain your own troll. I can smell your halitosis through my monitor my guy, might want to get that fixed.
  12. But those are pharmaceuticals.. not slim jims slim jims are better because who knows what hp you'll be at after you eat it
  13. Why do all shitters bring up head rentals. I don't know what's funnier, you getting SUPER mad at getting denied to a shitter gang, or the fact that Envy is shit now without people in their gang that cheat.
  14. Maybe a slimjim will give you an extra 10 hp for 20 seconds? Maybe it'll take off 10 hp due to food poisoning and make you walk?
  15. .... You are literally the biggest shitter i have ever came across, and you give Envy a bad name. Perm denied loser shit bag. Don't ever talk to me. Unless you're a girl then i'll whiteknight you. fixed
  16. The food but it'll give special bonuses like running faster? But you have to eat more of them like you do irl because they don't fill you up. But when you eat too much it'll make you sick. I think that would be pretty cool. Or just add in more variety of foods that don't give you special bonuses so it doesn't tip any balances.
  17. Denied Accepted note sure which one but we'll get back to you yesterday
  18. (Insert stupid picture of a meat stick here as gang mascot) Looking for players that can carry a bunch of shitters. Must like having fun. If you're a girl you'll get white-knighted so hard if you aren't already. Requirements: Don't be annoying, must be able to do drugs on a regular basis but not too much as to where you won't be able to carry us. WE. ARE. MEAT STICK! Teddy Kenny Space Alshiq Fatarra Analee Gapeer Hank3 Link Pinnoy (Your name here!!!!) Application format: IGN Hours(post screenshot) Previous Gangs Have you ever been banned? Jk don't care.
  19. The problem with blackjack tables we had was you could make money without money disappearing. Texas Holdem you're literally taking money from other players so there's not much of a risk of adding unwanted currency. I think the only problem you might have would be people teaming up with each other... not sure how that would work out
  20. pretty sure i reported you for rdm 3 times welcome back shitter
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