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  1. Dude. As much as I annoy you in game by stealing your police vehicles. I wish you well and everything turns out as good as it possibly can. Best of wishes go out to you @J. Urbanowski Spacecase P.S. You still have to raid my house. You swore you would.
  2. I thought I'd start this and see if it takes. https://youtu.be/LPq4nuV5QV8 The goal is to get the highest bounty possible. Rules: No starting with a bounty. No use of house or gang items. (this includes gearing up at gang controlled territories / Spawning in houses.) Do this on your own. (no grouping up) Can not start the challenge in possession of a rifle. Follow server rules. No combat or soft logging or switching servers. You have until the server restarts. You can not pay anyone to increase your bounty. You can be given items once the challenge has started.
  3. The point is you will get nothing if you don't try. I rather try and have a chance my comp gets denied, versus not trying at all and getting nothing for my efforts of capturing the guy. It's real easy to put in a comp request once action has been taken against the rule breaker.
  4. I think you need to go back to grammar school, friend. Learn to separate your sentences so someone can understand you.
  5. Actually. I had a $115k bounty downed and combat log on me. I was comped $65k for it. I may not have gotten the full bounty or honor points, but it shows admin do comp for lost bounties due to combat loggers.
  6. Actually. I rather like that the vehicle would show up as stolen when checked. It makes the players want to be cautious. As in real life, as soon as the vin is run it shows the true owner. It would then be seized and returned to the original owner. Though the cops would have to have a reason to check the vehicle's vin number. And even if you gave a vehicle a new key, the vin number is often engraved in many parts of the vehicle.
  7. I found out you have to get a sub and deploy the net from inside the sub. Sounds funny, but it works. P.S. Make sure you have a wet suit and rebreather. Or you'll die from lack of oxygen or cold.
  8. Okay. I just started playing on your guys lovely server and rather enjoyed it for the most part. I was thrilled when I found out I could be EMS without any procedure, but was horrified and enraged with the attitude and treatment they receive within the community. Within an hour I'd been killed three times, taken hostage, threatened multiple times, had multiple vehicles stolen and/or blown up and even chased off by other medics wanting the money from the revive, trying to pull rank on me or some rule that if they get on scene first, it's their revive. To make it even worse the money isn't even worth doing the job or harassment ems suffer. EMS need a chain of command and rules for their guidelines and some protection or something so they can do their job or they might as well go around downing someone through rp procedures just to get a revive. I honestly had no clue as to where to put this, but I figure this isn't a bad place. Spacecase P.S. Need more slots for EMS and an ability to buy more of those yellow first aid kits at hospital. Don't remember what they are called.
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