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  1. I come on this thread only to see ur toxic comments because they turn me on
  2. I dont think anybody was as good as Tiger or Andrew Spazeed in their primes honestly. Ranga , Bunni , and Andyskeng were pretty good tho
  3. How many ways are there to push east arms?
  4. Best player in the history of arma 3
  5. Tom i love u baby girl but this tage was better than most of these retards in a " tier 1 gang " and on top of that what even is a tier 1 gang anymore look at the rosters of all the gangs that fight cartels. When u sit here and play this shit all day u get good its not hard i went from being in duplicity to having a fan club and being banned off the server for cheating in less than year.
  6. When did this kid get better than all u mongs
  7. This man here has a masters degree in baiting his team
  8. Im gonna have to cut off all association with you after this one...
  9. I wish i could have played when i was good at the game
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