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  1. anthony and explicit have aids irl
  2. In-game name: xr9ntz Age:16 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): 3k Previous gangs: Torment ecksdee Insanity Synergy Why would you like to join Torment: True pros What can you bring to Torment: Legend shot, nice comms and no aids. How active will you be? (Ex:5-6 Days a week) 7 days fam What current members could vouch for you: All
  3. Lol, everyone makes it way more fucking complicated then it has to be. Go back to how it used to be and everyone will be happy. I really don't see why everyone is trying to give counter ideas and shoot down reverting back to how it was. There is a reason servers are dead lately. Apparently its too hard to do what the community wants and try to come up with something else that nobody is asking for. Just make the cartels like how they used to be idk why it has even taken this long in the first place.
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