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  1. Only 1 server remains after BH being gone. Just saying.
  2. “Servers”? There is literally only 1 server to play on and it doesn’t even get full. Keeping BH removed certainly doesn’t boost server pop
  3. thero

    V2 is poppin!

    acting as if you are perceived any different
  4. why did he make this montage is the real question
  5. If anything make it so in order to be able to buy the MX you need to be a master crusader or apex predator
  6. think u forgot the other olympus server
  7. yeah ive lost all skill over the span of 1 week
  8. notice how u were in all of those games with less than 20 kills each going negative in every single game
  9. forgot to screenshot the other 30+ 40 bombs
  10. ur the only one that actually tries to rank up, everyone else plays for fun
  11. nah u shouldnt but it doesnt matter, he makes up his own rules such as when he permed me for saying someone smells like the sea
  12. wee woo wee woo wee woo
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