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  1. that oughta be the final nail in the coffin for asylum
  2. yup, to be fair though I’d be mad too if I volunteered every single day of my life to administrate a dying server on a 7 year old mil sim with no future ahead of it..
  3. lmao apparently posting “can’t beat em, ban em” isn’t allowed on this “Banter Only” thread
  4. y’all need to a find a different game, not server
  5. cant believe you thought that anyone who still plays this server has been to a party
  6. Predator Missile 1 Ready for Deployment
  7. better watch out you don’t want the Serbian police to come raid you with slingshots and rocks
  8. Leaving the gang??? He was never even in the gang, barely even a friend tag
  9. Sicher ist der Jude auch ein Mann, aber der Floh ist auch ein Tier
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