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  1. Glad to see our application requirements being met and reinforced
  2. indefinitely is a better term, but overall this unban wave has only benefitted the server so who cares
  3. Either wipe it or don't wipe it, I don't think a trial phase will work well because nobody is going to want to do a fresh start if its not guaranteed to be permanent. Do a poll first and get an idea of who would actually be in favor of a wipe. I think it's a good idea especially with the mass unban wave.
  4. Predator Missile #01 is down for maintenance, will return soon
  5. accepted as trial, Special Ka'von
  6. plague? at a cartel? youre stuck in 2016
  7. see, now we're getting somewhere
  8. sounds like a smart strat to me
  9. I am not referring to the situation Revenant posted about, I am talking about the topic overall. However I give you credit, you're so far the only person to offer any coherent input thus far. Personally I have been in fights at cartels with sub 100k APBs just to get roached by a zerg of cops in ifrits. Also, while on the topic, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to give cops ifrits at this point in asylum? Buffing cops as there becomes less and less rebels on the server seems very backwards to me
  10. Some great staff Asylum has! This is what happens when you put rejects in power
  11. Not sure anybody called for any safe-zones other than maybe yourself, but re-constructing the rules to accommodate a significantly smaller player base takes minimal effort and critical thinking. Here's an idea: Cartel raids are contingent on there being an active pursuit going into the cartel area (300m radius or something). Additional rules could follow, such as limiting the amount of armor cops can pull to push a cartel. There is no reason why 10+ cops should be able to push in individual ifrits/hunters to fight 2 people at a cartel. The current system is broken because anytime someone with a bounty logs on the server they are almost guaranteed to get the APB. This is because the server is so dead that bounties are extremely scarce. did dom already die too lmfao
  12. The idea of cartels is to fight opposing gangs for them, not the APD. There are multiple events like the fed and bank that are designed for gangs to fight cops. Don't get me wrong, cop raids were fun when the server(s) were full but that obviously does not happen anymore so maybe policies/rules should change as the server population changes.
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