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  1. better watch out you don’t want the Serbian police to come raid you with slingshots and rocks
  2. Leaving the gang??? He was never even in the gang, barely even a friend tag
  3. Sicher ist der Jude auch ein Mann, aber der Floh ist auch ein Tier
  4. Welcome Klansmen fv654.teamspeak3.com
  5. Denied, thank you for your interest in The Powerpuff Girls
  6. If an admin has the inability to admit when they are wrong then they shouldn't be an admin
  7. Also tends to ban you and not respond for multiple days on end, even has the audacity to reply after the ban is expired.
  8. https://www.deviantart.com/roguepilot/gallery what an artist!
  9. dont know why i even asked this obviously it was rogue lmao, this is what happens when u give a kid who was bullied his entire life some sort of power
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