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  1. People are just too confident going there..... I saw a guy pull up in a tempest and robbed him for 127k and his tempest LOIOOL
  2. buying kavala pm me plz
  3. Romaniac

    Intro :D

    Stfu nikita -Everyone in sidechat
  4. Application Form 1) What is your name in game?-Romaniac 2) Do you have a microphone?- Yeah 3) Do you have teamspeak?- Yeah 4) How old are you?19 (November 19 1996) 5) What country are you from?Romania 6) Type a small description of what you bring to the table? (what makes you an asset to the gang?)- Self sustained, I know my way really well on asylum, sharpshooter, i can drive well/fly well,Great team work, Freindly, follows orders, puts the gang first 7) Can you fly a Helicopter on Altislife? With rotorlib or without?yes. Both 8) Describe your top 3 ways to make money on Asylum Altis Life.Meth, Cop, fed reserve 9) Describe your favorite moment from Altis. Joining the community 10) What other Gangs have you run with in Altis? Other screen names that you have used?I have been in df before, i was recruit for bad blood, BOA, 11) Are you a member of the APD? if so, what rank do you hold?Yes, (Cadet), Was a corporal about a year ago 12) How many hours have u logged in arma 3?
  5. I Have experience fighting at fed reserve as cop, dont imagine it be much different at cartel
  6. In game name: - Romaniac (will change for rp) Age: 19, November 19 1996 Location/Timezone:Canada, Central mountain time Arma 3 hours(screenshot): Asylum hours:1,100 Previous gangs: Played back in the day, don't remember the names of gangs Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: not really, fast learner tho. Why do you want to join us?: I want to be part of a team of people who actually know what their doing for once, seen you guys around server 2 and the shit you guys do looks fun and i would like to be a part of it. What can you bring to the FSA?: I know my way around asylum iv played this game for quite some time and i can sustain myself and not mooch of others, my shots are good, im always active, i can rp very well. Do you know any current members who can vouch for you:? no Note: Failure to follow the correct format and lying on your app will result in you being denied. Any applicants accepted will be pm'ed with further info.
  7. Romaniac


    I missed you marksman <3
  8. Romaniac

    Server 2

    I would just like to take a moment and say RIP server 2
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