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  1. Add some wild shit, and make it very expensive (like millions) to encourage people with tons of money to spend it. Example; a pawnee with rockets and miniguns, make it cost like 10 mil and if they get caught with it, they get like 24hrs jail time lmao
  2. jeans

    Lower taxes

    I have no problem with 20%. Was an attempt to roast those that complain about Gov and taxes.
  3. jeans

    Lower taxes

    So I don't have to listen to the poors cry
  4. Maybe leave it how it is, but also have "extra" dirty money in the fridge.
  5. @TryHardSqueaker @Maaqs @Shakur what about adding something to balance qillins at cartels, rather than removing something.
  6. jeans

    Music Critism

    haha, asking for a "friend" of course.
  7. why not have all the cartel locations, be possible spawn locations for all cartels?
  8. jeans

    Change log 8.2.0

    id rather trade my war points for $$
  9. 90% of the time when I take someone hostage I'm rp'ing hard and they alt f4 anyway.
  10. jeans

    Change log 8.1.7

    sounds like you need to "improvise, adapt and overcome".
  11. jeans

    Workouts and Diets

    stop eating horse shit, and only drink water.
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