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    A lovely Beach home in Kavala.
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    Video games, music, criminal justice, PC's, sour candy, alone time ;D. I also love AMC's The Walking dead (R.I.P Glenn), Game of Thrones, and alot more. I enjoy helping people everyday, meet me in-game and I'd be willing to assist you with (almost) anything.

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  1. Happy holidays, lads. Hopefully you're all enjoying the holiday season. Glad to see ASYLUM's in good hands. I asked Santa for a new, non-potato PC and better fragging skills this Christmas. That fat bastard better deliver.
  2. Flameless


    If you'd like to get into the lore of the game and to understand what is all that is going on around you, I'd suggest starting with the chronicles. http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/World-of-Warcraft-Chronicle-Vol-1/Full?id=106975 You can find most of the chronicles as E-books/audio books starting around $20 per, but here's the first book, free. My advice: Be sure to READ the texts of dialogue of the quests, not just about the rewards you'll receive from them. The game is beautifully in-depth and passionate with the lore. If you pay attention to the quests and the reasons as to why you are doing them story-wise, you'll grow to be attached to certain characters/ subsequent stories of the game, much like a book. There are many, many major and minor plot lines and personalities in the game, enjoy them. #2: Check the calendar as well, there are holiday/special events that occur for you to partake in, incredibly fun on the side when you're a little burnt out - children's week just started, visit the orphanage in Orgrimmar if horde or Stormwind if Alliance and play with some orphaned kids! Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.
  3. Don't know what to say, really... I've had many all nighters, furious e-peen fights and RP nerd outs. Many new friends to account for it and many memories to truly cherish. I appreciate everyone I've met in my time. You guys got me through many rough days, whether with work, school or other burdens. I could escape it all through this community. I'd do the whole @ thing, but there's just too many names. You all know who you are. Much love. Take care everyone.
  4. hi my name is flameless and i am no longer phoneless

    1. Flameless


      My name is Rosie and I just found out that Flameless now has a phone after six months! :D


  5. Flameless


    The only person I've met who would talk to himself through different accounts on a thread. Take care, Google. Stay weird.
  6. Let it go, boys. Just let it die with dignity.
  7. @Mitch (IFRIT) Yes, but with skins, put @Gen. Henry Arnold and that contributor tag to work! Only that you could submit your design idea for him to work with and to create a finished product. Awesome idea, though (Try to re-work the civilian licensing idea).
  8. Its use in Arma 3 and DCS! Fantastic review!
  9. Just one of those days... potato days...
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