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  1. Drug Runners I Fly 400k or I die No fuel and no time
  2. You'r welcome for the content! XD
  3. In-Game Name: Age:69 Timezone (NA/EU):na Arma 3 Hours (screenshot):+2000 Bank Balance (screenshot):Loaded Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak: #razer 2012 Current and Past Gangs: atf What do you have to offer? sick ass pioleting skillzz (Applications can be messaged to Leader(s).) balls to large for DM
  4. It is much less risk (that seems to be everyone's main argument), But when you have to drop 150k or 120k to do it affectedly it becomes so not worth. + if you buy anything on the side of the map that close, it is the only thing you can do with it. at least if you get a coke house it could double as a scotch house. The only way I could see getting people back into it is to lower crafting cost. raising the money you get would not work out will, or so i think.
  5. it's about 15k i think? Depending on if you hold drug cartel. If you don't it's less.
  6. badbam


    Accepted for interview. PM'd you the TeamSpeak
  7. Must have gotten it for the cartel.
  8. I own a house at vehicle factory and run guns regular. the money i get is so sad i refuse to sell them and just give them out to my gang mates instead. Even with the perks from Panagia its not worth the time unless you have a house extremely close. MK1's would be a welcome addition with out cartel ownership. As of now the only guns worth making is the mk18 or 14. 8k for an ak12 is the most you will get per gun and at 25 cocaine per. It gets grindy fast.considering if you processed that same cocaine and lost a cut at the processes you still make more money. Some people make the argument that processing should make significantly more because of the risks at processor, but it seems to me when ever i have a failed coke run is almost ends at the field. + you can always hide your cat at the processor. there is no where to hide at the field... once the cops see your car they will tear the place apart looking for you and even if you manage to hide your car is going to get seized anyway. this is just a few thoughts.
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