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    The Music Thread

    cannot recommend big bootie v16 enough it's a masterpiece
  2. Image dump of screenshots I've taken https://imgur.com/a/Wh4g9Ql Funny moments compilation I made a couple months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGOrKWS_uY0 Appreciate all the great people I met on here, I wish you all good luck in your lives
  3. no ban evaders allowed, sorry
  4. massi


    I don't like either
  5. Then you got a job at tesco
  6. Price of the S3 industrial shed lowered to 800k
  7. havent heard this song in a while
  8. Whoever has the best house basically wins the fight. It's aids and it shouldn't be like that.
  9. Nobody ever played cop on Tanoa because they would all get obliterated. Bamf even had to add a 10% "hazard" bonus to incentivize cops to play on it.
  10. It would just turn into a money farm
  11. i think 75% should be what makes a poll pass or not just like on osrs
  12. Because it's in the way. If you don't want to lose it, land it on the roof of the barracks building, not in the middle of the compound
  13. please remove the bank stairs, I don't even like it as a cop let alone how difficult it would be to defend as a rebel
  14. S2 DP5 70k sold for 350k Only property that remains is the S3 Industrial shed
  15. an admin disabled it on your account most likely
  16. good patch aside from enabling those mods
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