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  1. i have a house infront of kavala wongs, pm me offers
  2. hi, my name is smelly. i am an alcoholic
  3. no point going on medic if every cop and civ has a defib
  4. people shouldnt be able to revive someone if a medic is close or the medic has accepted the job.
  5. a year or two ago. i couldnt find it either.
  6. there was a post about this same house ages ago. was said there who owned it
  7. thanks for the free money. sold my qilins for 17k each, and i bet im not the only one
  8. crispy, before it was fixed u could buy and sell for infamy
  9. an admin ingame said it was ok to buy and sell pcp to gain infamy, but mitch says here you cant chop 100 atvs . we need consistency
  10. best not to say a time, some people get butthurt when it doesn't happen
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