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  1. Theres not really much to add in the way of weapons except for the type 115 and the new adr-97 smg and while those would be nice, withouth resorting to modding there just arent many weapons to add except higher calibers which would break helis and ifrits.
  2. the mp5 sd is a better troll weapon than the og negev
  3. C9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. why would you even play the jackpot when its at 200k
  5. Are you supposed to get infamy form selling drugs because i just sold a zamak full of heroin and got 0 infamy?
  6. im really glad that the bank was moved instead of addressing the everything else that actually needs fixing
  7. All my hopes and dreams have just been shattered into a million pieces
  8. its not hard to get apb evades i got the invisible title sitting in kavala with a 100k+ bounty in like the first 2 days of it coming out and the circle is so big that no cops ever go for it the rewards would just be to easy to get
  9. captain ghost hawks now shoot flashbangs
  10. make it so hummingbird for medics are once again 5k and make it so only white listed ones can use them and then add like a hellcat for 25k
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