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Found 8 results

  1. 254F5A7D184A33E1E933269388ED08B42C57B594 (1920×1080) (gyazo.com)
  2. You can spawn in this shed when oil is active Along with this I forgot 2 add this is 4km away from dark fungi Starting bid: 1Mil 11978258DEDD6D7EADB45D2EF4376F2B4A8D9C52 (1920×1080) (gyazo.com) (distances from different locations) 4C02CF429DE88DE6B367819460BFDF51ED701040 (1920×1080) (gyazo.com) Picture of Shed
  3. 1.8 km from Zaros flag 1.8 km from Donor rebel 1.1 km from Oyster pro (with view of it) 2.2 km from Kaval Air shop Open bid Starting at 1.5M Map View : https://gyazo.com/49701c12d67c29f185fa7777922733ef
  4. We are selling one Kavala Industrial Shed, and One Athira 3 Crate Fed House Shed : Fully Upgraded and outside the city of dreams, Kavala. Just a mere 1.8km to OG Kav Rebel a perfect place for kidnapping cops https://gyazo.com/73fe9e97998ae7f37feb8aa2530d9686 We are selling an Athira-Air HQ 120k 800m from HQ a perfect place to stash MK1's and 500m from fed a perfect place to stash smash and grab supplies Full upgraded with 150 Coke and opium thrown in for the added sale. https://gyazo.com/2631a6b01c19cf62b3c6b670273a0ea2 All properties must go the shed starts at 500k and the house at 250k place any reasonable offers below https://gyazo.com/73fe9e97998ae7f37feb8aa2530d9686https://gyazo.com/73fe9e97998ae7f37feb8aa2530d9686https://gyazo.com/73fe9e97998ae7f37feb8aa2530d9686
  5. Shed For Sale! able to spawn when cartel is near, offer up! PM for other property
  6. House, Garage, Industrial Shed: SHED Location (Town/DP#): Right outside 12 Asking Price: starting at 2m Description: WOW! One of the best sheds in game. close to cocaine (600 meters) and close to Air HQ and Air Shop! Guys this is a once in a lifetime buy! I LOVED this shed. But i bought a vacation home in Kavala and would like to buy another one and need the house spot. Robbing can be done easy from this shed and just farming. Good luck to all those who bid! and may the best win!!! Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  7. Two Industrial Sheds for sale. On main road, both close to Kavala and Skiptracer. Asking Price: Highest bidder
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