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Found 1 result

  1. I know this has been said before but I could care less and want attention brought to it. Put a cooldown between federal events and maybe even redesign and give the fed a whole new overhaul to spice things up. Also give police the option to seize hunters if used illegally, technically BH's shouldn't use the hunters in any illegal fashion as the license states just like any other gear they have. Hunters are being abused rn as a cheap alternative and pussyfooting taking out a ifrit since we can't seize them. Now to address all the kids screaming we get to respawn and we should love combat - I understand Asylum is a light RP server and I love combat as much as any other guy but the constant fed events with 10+ rebels back to back for hours on end is ridiculous and gets old after a few days of nothing but fed events and losing loadouts after loadouts while these kids make millions. This isn't like cartels and the fed's are breaking the economy. These events aren't meant to be the backbone of Asylum and should be hard, suck it up. Also don't complain about our respawns, Y'all all have houses in Telos and respawn there with MK's. Go fight a cartel. This sounds crazy but it's killing any form of cop life. Also I made the poll public so I can see the 20 CEO kids vote no
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