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For those who purchased. We would love to see the results of what you ordered!

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Just spotted the staff team reppin the new merch, they found olio down at the park reppin the identity merch!  

Thanks for the merch guys! This is one of the pictures @Roice took of me this morning at the beach. Can''t wait to model some more for you guys!  

8 hours ago, WolfLeader said:

Something that might be worth looking into is jackets. You have the hoodies, the shirts, the hats, but no jackets.

Not that much into merch, but I like this shirt:


They define their jackets as zip up hoodies etc. What you see under the Jacket section is what they offer. 

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FYI if you are looking to get something. There is a sale going on.  BE SURE TO APPLY THE DISCOUNT CODE AFTER YOU HAVE ADDED EVERYTHING TO YOUR "CART". Some people have reported an issue with the discount being applied. I cannot get the error to occur on my checkout. Just double check to make sure it's applied before you check out. 



Code: SAVE15

Shop: 15% off everything

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7 hours ago, Mitch (IFRIT) said:

Sure does. Doesn't cost anymore either from my testing. I can ship a sweatshirt to Afghanistan for like 5.99

Be aware of what the site states about this:

Customs and fees

Orders being shipped outside of the United States are subject to customs or duty fees. The fees are governmental in nature and not charged by Spreadshirt. We state in checkout next to the international shipping options and in the confirmation email that these fees may apply. Selecting the gift wrap option at checkout will not prevent these fees from being charged. For any issues regarding customs or duty fees, please contact your local customs office. These fees cannot be refunded, as they are not charged by us.

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