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Codie Alterman

****APD Policy Update 4/10/2019****

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Effective Immediately

Gear Check Removal

With the removal of the gear check for APD officers, comes the ability for officers to equip all gear.
Any officer found equipping gear suited for a rank above their own will be liable for up to 6 points (removal from the APD).

  • Lieutenants+ may hand out Carrier Lite vests to officers during bank, federal reserve, and evidence lockup robberies, or prison breaks.
  • Carrier Lite vests given to lower ranking officers may only be used during these engagements.


Responding to Federal Reserve, Bank of Altis, and Prison of Altis

With the increase of recent rebel activity, officers are only required to respond to the Federal Reserve, Bank of Altis, and Prison of Altis two times before they are allowed to redeploy and continue patrolling elsewhere on Altis.
Any officers found to be abusing their two lives by wasting their lives (not valuing their life) may be liable for disciplinary action.

Safety Vests

Blue and yellow safety vests have been added for all officers at the rank of Constable+. Safety vests may be freely used by all officers as part of their uniform.


Response Priority

  1. Federal Reserve
  2. Bank of Altis
  3. Prison Break
  4. Evidence Lockup Robbery

This is likely to change, but for now this is the response priority.


Temporary Policy Update

Adrenaline Shot Bug

With the current bug of suspects being able to get up from being downed earlier than intended, lethal ammunition is currently authorized during any of the following:

  1. Active Federal Reserve Robbery
  2. Active Bank of Altis Robbery
  3. Active Prison Break
  4. Active Evidence Lockup Robbery
  5. Any fire fights directly resulting from any of the above, if not currently active.

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