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Marauders - S1 [OPEN]

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Brief little info about us


We're an organized & experienced group of rebels who are looking to make a name for ourselves and bring back the OG days on asylum,

by fighting important cartels, Feds, Jails, and fighting any gang that comes across our path.




 300+ hours on Asylum Servers (not required)


1000+ Hours on Arma 3 (preferred)


Discord installed and a working microphone


Funds to support yourself in gang activities


Experience in All illegal events (feds, jails, turfs, banks, etc.)


Able to keep comms and banter to a minimum


Knowledge of Asylum Rules for all factions



Hours on Arma (Screenshot):

Hours on Asylum:



How many hours do you play daily?

Previous Gangs and Length:

Current Financial Standing/vehicles:

Are you APD? If so what rank?

Any past bans that should be concerning?

Do you have someone who could vouch for you?




To Be Announced shortly

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