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****APD Policy Update 4/18/2019****

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Effective Immediately

Vehicle Seizing Policy (Lieutenants)

Lieutenants may no longer repair any illegal vehicle and drive to the closest headquarters for seizing.
This policy may come back in another form in the future, but for now it is being removed.

All officers must follow the proper vehicle seizure policy.

  • An area must be deemed "all clear" by the highest ranking officer on scene before any vehicles can be impounded or seized.
  • Vehicles may be seized in combat if at an HQ.
  • You may search/seize contraband from a player or vehicle at any time or place, even if in combat.
  • You may only seize a vehicle which has over $5,000 worth of contraband in it if the suspect is aggressive and/or evasive. If the suspect is compliant, does not shoot back, and cooperates fully with APD officers, you are not allowed to seize their vehicle.
  • Seizing and impounding can occur before or after a ticket has been issued.
  • If there are no nearby police vehicles to put a civilian's contraband in, officers are allowed to drive the civilian's vehicle to the nearest HQ, checkpoint, or garage. Officers may then pull out a police vehicle, seize the contraband, and then continue to impound/seize the civilian's vehicle as normal. This does not apply to illegal vehicles, which should never be driven by an officer.


Cartel raids have been removed completely.
Officers may only enter an uncontested cartel if tracking a warrant or in active visual pursuit. If a cartel is contested, officers may only enter if in active visual pursuit.

Uncontested Cartel
Officers may only enter an uncontested cartel under these circumstances:

  • Active Visual Pursuit
  • APB or Warrant Tracking

Contested Cartel
Officers may only enter a contested cartel under these circumstances:

  • Active Visual Pursuit

If an officer has a warrant or APB tracker near or in a cartel (contested or uncontested), the officer may get just close enough to update their warrant and must leave the area once the warrant is updated. If the warrant remains in the area, officers may set up a perimeter around the area within a minimum of a 1km radius of the cartel to wait for the suspect if they wish.

Federal Reserve

During an active Federal Reserve robbery, officers may not seize gold bars out of a vehicle unless there is a 1 minute all clear.
If the vehicle with gold bars manages to escape the Federal Reserve and is stopped en route to a rebel outpost, officers must now wait for a 1 minute all clear to seize the contents out of the vehicle.
Officers, under no circumstance, may enter a vehicle with gold bars in it to drive back to the nearest HQ for seizure.

Illegal Areas (two life rule)

When entering any illegal area, officers now have a two life rule.
Officers may only patrol illegal areas once every 20 minutes if no suspicious activity is observed that requires their attention.
Officers are allowed to return to illegal areas before the 20 minute timer is up under the following circumstances:

  • If a 911 text is sent within the illegal area.
  • If a fugitive pings from inside of the illegal area.
  • If a vehicle with a tracker enters the illegal area.
  • If nearby traffic enters the illegal area.
  • Active visual pursuit into the illegal area.
  • If an officer needs to update a warrant or APB.

If an officer dies within an illegal area, they may return one more time per engagement.

Rebel Air Drops

APD officers may not freely patrol rebel air drops.
Officers may only enter a rebel air drop area under these circumstances:

  • During Active Visual Pursuit
  • APB or Warrant Tracking

Temporary Policy

There is currently bug where a suspect's individual charges may not be displayed in some circumstances.
If a suspect's individual charges are not able to be displayed, officers are not required to read off individual charges to the suspect, but may use their current bounty price as their "current charges."

For example, if a suspect's individual charges are not currently showing up, you may use any variation of this line to "read the suspect their charges."

"You are currently wanted by the State of Altis for $75,000. Can you tell me what happened?"

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Small wording change with the Prison Conspiring charge.

Assisting in and initiating a prison break are not automatic straight to jail charges. Any suspect who initiates and/or participates in breaking people out of prison may be sent straight to jail at the officer's discretion. This includes anyone with the Prison Conspiring charge.

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