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Stellar - Recruitment [Closed]

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Friends who like to fight cartels.



1k hours

Know cartels

Have money for loadouts



Name - 

Age -

Hours - 

Vouches - 



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20 minutes ago, Mason Statham said:

Name - Mason

Age - 20

Hours -  3k

Vouches - use to be part of this guild

accepted, wb!

13 minutes ago, Walt said:

Name - Walt

Age - 18

Hours -  7k

Vouches - 


steam rollers are back in action, wb!

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20 minutes ago, Dally said:

Applying for LT

Gang Wars V Winner (Kind of a big deal)

May 3rd, we're bringing back the stellar steamroll.

accepted, wb dallas

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41 minutes ago, Kareem Kinte said:

What are you on about kid i was stellar before you, Toxicity is deaded!

really then who is osb? 

Edited by Tricks

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8 minutes ago, Glass of Water said:

Name - glass of water

Age - 19

Hours - 1e9525f9b1a75cdeaa7418954f5e1bb9.png 

Vouches - kareem, gravl

+1 paid me to say glass for corporal on stream

Glass of Water likes this

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