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Help me and get 1M

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On 4/26/2019 at 7:49 PM, Rodrigo said:

Find the song in the background from the timestamp and ill give you 1M. And yes im looking at alot of game of thrones videos.


Sounds like Two Steps From Hell to me... if it is good luck finding the song they have a shit ton for movies and tv production.


I personally just looked through ~50 of their songs and they are so similar but just not quite. I know they did a song for GOT called Dark Harbor but it's not it... here it is anyways though they do a lot of great music.


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11 hours ago, Guwop said:

I contacted the company that made the video and they are unable to get an answer from the right department on the song name. Probably not going to get the song. Sorry bud @Rodrigo

Damn dude sucks. Thanks alot anyway.

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