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Codie Alterman

****APD Policy Update 5/14/2019****

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Illegal Areas (two life rule)  **UPDATE**

When entering any illegal area, officers now have a two life rule.
Officers may only patrol illegal areas once every 20 minutes if no suspicious activity is observed that requires their attention.
Officers are allowed to return to illegal areas before the 20 minute timer is up under the following circumstances:

  • If a 911 text is sent within the illegal area.
  • If a fugitive pings from inside of the illegal area.
  • If a vehicle with a tracker enters the illegal area.
  • If nearby traffic enters the illegal area.
  • Active visual pursuit into the illegal area.
  • If an officer needs to update a warrant or APB.

If an officer dies within an illegal area, they may return one more time per engagement.

The two life rule does not apply when there are 5 or less officers online.

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